Section 125 Sample Clauses

Section 125. The benefits provided to an administrator by Section 125 of the Revenue Act of 1978, both Generation I and Generation II, shall be made available. Any start-up cost and annual fee (if charged) will be paid by the school district and the monthly administrative fee will be paid by participating administrator.
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Section 125. 22 In determining whether an employee subject to this Agreement is eligible for participation in the 23 Washington State Public Employees' Retirement System, the District shall report all hours worked, 24 whether straight time, overtime, or otherwise.
Section 125. The BOARD shall pay the annual enrollment fees to allow teacher participation in a Section 125 program. Some of the features to be included in the Section 125 program shall include the availability of premium conversion, unreimbursed medical account, and dependent care account, provided any enrollment requirements are fulfilled.
Section 125. The Board will continue a two-tier "cafeteria" style plan in the manner and form authorized by Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code 1989, the Tax Reform Act of 1986.
Section 125. The Metropolitan School District of Martinsville has established a Flexible Fringe Benefit Program for those employees eligible to participate in such a program in accordance with Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Act of 1978, and the corporation adopted plan document. Both a “generation one” program with premium contributions for the cost of medical and dental insurance coverage and a “generation two” program for dependent care expenses and health care expense accounts preserved in a non-taxable status will be sponsored by the school corporation. Employees may elect to participate in these programs annually.
Section 125. Any changes to the current Section 125 Flexible Fringe Benefit Plan, of the IRS Code will be subject to mutual agreement by the Parties. Employees may have an amount not to exceed $2,400.00 (two thousand four hundred) for un- reimbursed medical costs and $5,000.00 (five thousand) for dependent care expenses allocated for Section 125. All flexible spending account agreements entered into between provider and employee are to be paid in their entirety to the corporation if claims are presented and have been paid on behalf of the employee in advance of payroll deductions. The corporation will inform teachers annually of the availability of a Section 125 plan.
Section 125. The Board shall provide, without cost to participants, a Section 125 Plan (Generation I and II).
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Section 125. The parties agree to continue Section 125 Generation I and Generation II and employees shall pay the fee charged for Generation II.
Section 125. Effective January 01, 1996, an Internal Revenue Code Section 125 will be implemented for all employees. This program will be Part I, which includes premiums for health insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, and term life insurance. Enrollment will be based on the “automatic method.” This method requires forms only for those who waive participation in the plan. The employee must notify the employer prior to December 01 to waive participation. Changes in enrollment are limited to one time per year.
Section 125. The Board shall provide Section 125 Generation I and Generation II.
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