Scope of Service Sample Clauses

Scope of Service. Interconnection Service shall be provided to the Interconnection Customer at the Point of Interconnection (a), in the case of interconnection of the Customer Facility of a Generation Interconnection Customer, up to the Maximum Facility Output, and (b), in the case of interconnection of the Customer Facility of a Transmission Interconnection Customer, up to the Nominal Rated Capability. The location of the Point of Interconnection shall be mutually agreed by the Interconnected Entities, provided, however, that if the Interconnected Entities are unable to agree on the Point of Interconnection, the Transmission Provider shall determine the Point of Interconnection, provided that Transmission Provider shall not select a Point of Interconnection that would impose excessive costs on either of the Interconnected Entities and shall take material system reliability considerations into account in such selection. Specifications for the Customer Facility and the location of the Point of Interconnection shall be set forth in an appendix to the Interconnection Service Agreement and shall conform to those stated in the Facilities Study.
Scope of Service. Please attach contractor’s detailed Scope of Service on contractor letterhead with all costs for services including travel and supplies, if applicable.
Scope of Service. In accordance with the terms of the Ed Tech Services and Data Sharing Agreement by and between CPS and Provider, Provider shall provide the following services: The Total Compensation Amount paid to the Provider for the work described above in the Scope of Services is $ .
Scope of Service. 11 4.1 Interconnection of Transmission Facilities 11 4.2 No Transmission Delivery Service 11 4.3 No Other Services 11 ARTICLE 5. NETWORK UPGRADE FACILITIES ENGINEERING, PROCUREMENT, AND CONSTRUCTION 11 5.1 Network Upgrade Facilities 11 5.2 General Conditions Applicable to Network Upgrade Facilities Constructed by Transmission Developer 12 5.3 Equipment Procurement 13 5.4 Construction Commencement 14 5.5 Work Progress 14 5.6 Information Exchange 14 5.7 Network Upgrade Facilities 15 5.8 Access Rights 15 5.9 Lands of Other Property Owners 16 5.10 Permits 16 5.11 Suspension 16 5.12 Taxes 17 5.13 Tax Status; Non-Jurisdictional Entities 20 5.14 Modification 20
Scope of Service. This Emerald Elite Service Agreement ("Agreement") is made by and between ACCURAY INCORPORATED ("Accuray"), a California corporation, located at 0000 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, XX 00000, and ("Customer"), located at , for Accuray to provide planned maintenance service when scheduled by Accuray and corrective maintenance service when requested by Customer to maintain the CyberKnife System installed at Customer's site at ("System") so that it performs substantially in accordance with the Specifications (User Manuals and Reference Guides) defined for the System revision as installed and/or upgraded.
Scope of Service. Please attach contractor’s detailed Scope of Service with all costs for services including travel and supplies, if applicable. Exhibit B: Student Data and Privacy Agreement: Attached APPROVAL: This Agreement must be approved by the New Haven Board of Education prior to service start date. Contactors may begin service no sooner than the day after Board of Education approval.
Scope of Service. See Appendix 1 for the scope of relevant technology service provided by Party B to Party A.
Scope of Service. 2.1. The Cloud Service to be provided by EQS Group under the Agreement is described in the technical and functional documentation of the respective Service that is made available to the Customer with the Cloud Service (the “Documentation”). EQS Group is entitled to change and adapt the content of the Services and Documentation, including the software provided, in particular in the event of further development of the Services offered by EQS Group (the "Continuous Modification"). In the event of material changes, EQS Group will notify the Customer of the Continuous Modification by email or within the Service within a reasonable notice period (usually 3 months prior to them being effective). If the legitimate interests of the Customer are adversely affected by a Continuous Modification to such an extent that the continued usage of the Services by the Customer cannot reasonably be expected, the Customer may terminate the affected Service in writing with a notice period of one month before the Continuous Modification takes effect and EQS Group shall refund any unearned pre-paid license fees. Unless terminated by the Customer, the Continuous Modification shall take effect on the date specified.
Scope of Service. Xxxxxx agrees to accept deliveries of natural gas belonging to Buyer at Seller's delivery point from the upstream pipeline and to transport Xxxxx's gas and redeliver to Buyer. Service provided hereunder is in lieu of natural gas provided from system supply. Xxxxx agrees that the transportation service is provided on an interruptible basis. Interruptions shall be at the sole discretion of Seller or whenever service is interrupted by any upstream pipeline.