Information Exchange definition

Information Exchange means the entity Managed by A Third Party Manager that: (1) Communicates Industry Statistics and (2) includes Respondent and at least one other Competitor.
Information Exchange means EDI reporting where a com- pany or service provider transmits a report to the Division through a connection to a private information network.
Information Exchange means the online depository and retrieval platform operated by Sedex, comprising the Sedex Accounts accessible on the website hosted and managed by Sedex, which allows Auditors, Members and Users to upload, display and access Data

Examples of Information Exchange in a sentence

  • The Engineer agrees to comply with Attachment G, Computer Graphics Files for Document and Information Exchange, if determined by the State to be applicable to this contract.

  • Level of detail and included model elements are provided in the Information Exchange Worksheet.

  • Once the project goes to letting, all electronic files shall be delivered within 30 days of written request in conformance with the latest version of the State’s Document and Information Exchange (Attachment G).

  • The Practice authorizes the CTO to have access to all clinical data available in the electronic medical records or shared through the State-Designated Health Information Exchange (“HIE”), including personal health information, of MDPCP Beneficiaries attributed to the Practice.

  • The Subrecipient will also support the exchange of health information with the Vermont Health Information Exchange.

More Definitions of Information Exchange

Information Exchange means EDI reporting where:
Information Exchange means EDI reporting where a company or service provider transmits a report to the Division Depart- ment through a connection to a private information network.
Information Exchange means the submission of data that is extracted from the
Information Exchange describing the E&H research landscape for trans-national research”. The aim of this work package is to gather information on programmes with an environment and health (E&H) component within the ERA-ENVHEALTH consortium. It is dedicated to provide the basic facts on research programmes in order to help understand the overall portfolio of research being funded and facilitate mutual knowledge and systematic exchange of information concerning research programming. The information collected via this overview will support the identification of opportunities for joint activities. The aim of the “Draft overview of programmes“ was to provide a first description of the E&H research landscape in partner organisations and to provide the first overview of national programmes and projects owned or managed by the ERA-ENVHEALTH consortium partners. The necessary information was collected through a questionnaire survey focused on the description of programme manager organisations, overall information of the E&H programmes (objectives, budget and source of funding, topics) and information of the number of projects funded by the E&H programmes. More detailed information about the relevant projects will be collect d in the next stage. In the next steps, the draft overview will be supplemented to the final overview of programmes and projects including a synthesis and recommendations for effective funding of E&H research and effective cooperation arrangements between experts. The information collected under this overview will serve as a first input into the database developed under task 1.1. Another consequence of this overview, as well as of the activities undertaken in the ERA- ENVHEALTH project as a whole, will be finding a way to better support research in the field of E&H and in particular better support research looking at reducing negative environmental impacts on human populations and their health in order to improve human health protection and prevention.
Information Exchange means the information which is passed between the Customer and the Supplier for the purpose of providing the Services;
Information Exchange. All price changes and additions of new products accepted by DISTRIBUTOR shall be transmitted to DISTRIBUTOR in an electronic format acceptable to DISTRIBUTOR. In addition, SUPPLIER and DISTRIBUTOR shall continue employing full Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for purchase orders and invoices and shall explore the use of full EDI or other electronic formats for advance ship notices and other relevant transactions.
Information Exchange. All price changes and additions, deletions, modifications, etc., of the Products shall be sent to DISTRIBUTOR at the address set forth in Section 6.4 hereof in an electronic format as provided to SUPPLIER. In addition, SUPPLIER shall use its reasonable best efforts, with appropriate assistance from DISTRIBUTOR to implement as soon as practicable full Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capability in a format compatible with DISTRIBUTOR's systems for receipt of purchase orders and transmission of invoices.