Transmission Provider definition

Transmission Provider means any entity or entities transmitting or transporting the Product on behalf of Seller or Buyer to or from the Delivery Point.
Transmission Provider means any Person responsible for the interconnection of the Generating Facility with the interconnecting utility’s electrical system or the CAISO Controlled Grid or transmitting the Metered Energy on behalf of Seller from the Generating Facility to the Delivery Point.
Transmission Provider means a person who transports electricity across the Grid and provides the Distributor with services relating to the injection or off-take of electricity at Network Supply Points;

Examples of Transmission Provider in a sentence

  • The Transmission Provider shall treat this information consistent with the standards of conduct contained in Part 37 of the Commission's regulations.

  • The Network Customer has been determined by the Transmission Provider to have a Completed Application for Network Integration Transmission Service under the Tariff.

  • The Transmission Provider shall confirm such eligibility in accordance with Attachment O Section III.6 of this Tariff and inform the IEP.

  • Interconnection Customer shall use Reasonable Efforts to ensure that the warranties and guarantees are in a form acceptable to Transmission Provider, such acceptance not to be unreasonably withheld.

  • Upon termination, the Network Customer remains responsible for any outstanding charges including all costs incurred and apportioned or assigned to the Network Customer under this Service Agreement.5.0 The Transmission Provider and Network Customer have executed a Network Operating Agreement as required by the Tariff.6.0 Any notice or request made to or by either Party regarding this Service Agreement shall be made to the representative of the other Party as indicated below.

More Definitions of Transmission Provider

Transmission Provider means (a) ISO-NE, its respective successor or Affiliates; (b) Buyer; or (c) such other third parties from whom transmission services are necessary for Seller to fulfill its performance obligations to Buyer hereunder, as the context requires.
Transmission Provider means the CAISO.
Transmission Provider means (a) ISO-NE, its respective successor or Affiliates;
Transmission Provider means any public utility that owns, operates, or controls facilities used for the trans- mission of electric energy in interstate commerce.
Transmission Provider means PacifiCorp Transmission, including PacifiCorp’s business unit responsible for the safe and reliable operation of PacifiCorp’s balancing authority areas.