Service Description definition

Service Description means pre-defined descriptions of services found at current as of the effective date of the Order Form which in conjunction with a Scope Document (if any) defines the Services to be provided and becomes part of the Order Form.
Service Description means pre-defined descriptions of services found at in effect as of the Order Form effective date.
Service Description means the detailed description of the Services that are to be provided by the Council under the Contract as set out at the link detailed in the Contract Particulars;

Examples of Service Description in a sentence

  • Customer may use such enabling software only in connection with use of the SaaS Product(s) as specified in the Service Description or Acoustic Documentation.

  • The most elementary and well-known example of such technical specifications is the description of a SOAP Web service’s interface that is encoded using WSDL (Web Service Description Language).

  • Exten- sion of these techniques to Representational State Transfer (REST)-based [32] Resource-Oriented Architectures (ROA) [53] would possibly be a viable alter- native to current Web Service Description Language (WSDL)-based [15] code generation.

  • Greene has actively participated in the IVOA Registry Working Group for the recom- mended proposal of VOResource V1.0 schema and a Registry Interface Web Service Description Language IVOA standard.

  • It is based on joint work together with our partners within the TEXO project.The ISE Development Environment (Cardoso et al., 2008) supports the modeling and description of services based on the Universal Service Description Language (USDL) (Cardoso et al., 2009) and the cre- ation of service compositions.

More Definitions of Service Description

Service Description means the description of the Software Subscription Support Services at
Service Description means the specific combination of the load index and speed symbol of the tyre.
Service Description means the description of a Service or Service Element as set forth in Exhibit B-1, “Service Descriptions.”
Service Description means the EquityClear Service Description which is available on the Clearing House website.
Service Description means, with regard to Support Services and MSS, the description of the Services to be provided to Customer and which is appended to the Delivery Agreement.