Rights of Appeal Sample Clauses

Rights of Appeal. The provisions of this Appendix shall be excluded from grievance and arbitration. Nothing in this Appendix will reduce any right of appeal permitted by law or this Agreement. Symbol Program/Sub-Program ABE Adult Basic Education/GED Communications Skills Math Skills GED Communications Skills GED Math Skills High School Completion ABS Applied Behavioral Sciences ACC Transfer Professional-Technical Education ADS Apparel Design and Services AHE Allied Health Education Basic Medical Reception AMA (AHM) Medical Assistant Clinical Lab Assisting Medical Transcription AME American Ethnic Studies AMT Aviation Maintenance Technology ANT Anthropology APD Application Development ART Art ASL American Sign Language AUT Automotive Automotive and Diesel Technology Auto Body Auto Mechanic BSN Bachelor of Nursing BTC Biotechnology BUS Business and Accounting Business Business Information Technology International Business CCE Early Childhood Care and Education CFS Child and Family Studies CHI Chinese COS Cosmetology (Belongs to SVI) COU Counseling CSC Computer ScienceTransfer Courses CTN Computer Technology DES Graphic Design and Illustration DHY Dental Hygiene DRA Drama DSN Engineering Design Technology ECO Economics ECT Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Design ATTACHMENT A (To Appendix D) INDEX OF PROGRAM UNITS Technology EEL Industrial Power Control Technology EET Electronics Technology Bio-Medical Industrial Power Telecommunications EGR Engineering – Transfer ENG English Applied College English Developmental English EMT Emergency Medical Technician ESL English As A Second Language College - Prep ESL FAM Family Life-Parent/Senior Adult Education Parent Education Co-op Senior Adult FRE French GEG Geography GER German GEN Gender & Women Studies HIN Watch Technology HIS History HOS Hospitality/Culinary Arts Baking Culinary Hospitality Service Hospitality Management (Hotel/Rest.) HUM Humanities IEP Intensive English Program ISP International Studies ITC Information Technology Application Support CISCO Computer Information Systems Database Administration Forensics General Computing Help Desk Network Technology Network Design & Administration Programming Security Software ENG Software Testing Web Design Web Development JPN Japanese LFS Life Sciences Anatomy and Physiology Biology Botany Health Microbiology Nutrition LHO Landscape and Horticulture LIB Library Research MAT Mathematics Applied Developmental Math Mathematics MGO Marine Deck Technology MTS Marine Enginee...
Rights of Appeal. A decision of the Board to terminate the services of a faculty member may be appealed in the courts as provided by law. Such decision shall not be subject to the grievance procedure of this Agreement.
Rights of Appeal. After transmittal of the decision of the hearing panel and the transcript, the faculty member so charged or the appropriate Vice President may elect to appeal the panel's decision to the President. The faculty member and the Vice President may submit to the President a brief or report in support of his/her position. The President shall review the transcript and any briefs or reports so submitted and will either affirm or reverse the decision of the hearing panel. The decision of the President shall be final and shall not be subject to grievance procedures.
Rights of Appeal. Any Team Member suspended or dismissed from the Team, with the exception of dismissals due to violation of the Controlled Substance abuse policy, may appeal such action within fifteen (15) days of the effective date of the action in writing to the coach, committee and ESA executive director. The decision of the coach, committee and the executive director as to such appeal shall be final and conclusive. Such decision shall be communicated to Team Member and their respective district director within fifteen (15) days of the filing of an appeal.
Rights of Appeal. In the event that the corporation advances funds for indemnification pursuant to this Article, and, subsequently, indemnification pursuant to this Article is declared unenforceable by a court, or the corporation determines that the director, officer or employee on whose behalf the funds were advanced is not entitled to indemnification pursuant to this Article, then such director, officer or employee shall have the right to retain the indemnification payments until all appeals of the court's or the corporation's decision have been exhausted.
Rights of Appeal. Fines and other sanctions may be appealed to the Executive Director. Requests for appeal must be made in writing to the Executive Director within ten (10) business days from the date the fine was presented to the Airport User.
Rights of Appeal. If the Committee decides a request for architectural approval which is adverse to the applicant, then the applicant shall have the right to an appeal of such decision to the full Board, upon a written request therefor submitted to the Board within ten (10) days after such decision by the Committee.‌
Rights of Appeal. 2 1. The employee may, within five (5) working days after receiving the Notice of Intent 3 to Discipline described in Section “I” above, appeal by signing and filing the card or 4 paper included with the recommendation. Any other written document signed and 5 appropriately filed within the specified time limit by the employee shall constitute a 6 sufficient notice of appeal. A notice of appeal is filed only by delivering the notice of 7 appeal to the office of the Superintendent of Schools during normal work hours of 8 that office. A notice of appeal may be mailed to the office of the Superintendent, but 9 must be received or postmarked no later than the time limit stated herein.
Rights of Appeal. Staff who are the subject of disciplinary action may invoke the "Personal Grievance" provisions contained in their collective employment agreement or as under the Employment Agreement legislation. Any staff member who considers he or she has received an unjustified or unfair warning or has been subject to unjustified disciplinary action may seek to have the matter reviewed by an appropriate manager.
Rights of Appeal. 15.1 A surplus employee shall have the right of appeal to the Commissioner against any administrative decision made in relation to his or her eligibility for benefits under these provisions or in relation to the amount of those benefits.