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Adult education means all education or instruction,
Adult education means all education or instruction, including academic, vocational education or training, basic skills and literacy training, and "occupational education" provided by public educational institutions, including common school districts for persons who are eighteen years of age and over or who hold a high school diploma or certificate. However, "adult education" shall not include academic education or instruction for persons under twenty-one years of age who do not hold a high school degree or diploma and who are attending a public high school for the sole purpose of obtaining a high school diploma or certificate, nor shall "adult education" include education or instruction provided by any four year public institution of higher education.
Adult education. (AE) means all instructional and instructional-related activities provided to anyone above the age of compulsory attendance as defined by W.S. 21-4-102, to assist adults in obtaining the knowledge and skills necessary for employment, self-sufficiency, parenting, and improved quality of life. This includes, but is not limited to, basic literacy, English literacy, citizenship and high school equivalency.

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Adult education and faculty development: Expanding the reach in the academy.

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Adult education. , which shall mean public education dealing primarily with students above eighteen years of age not enrolled as full time public school students and not classified as students of technical schools, colleges or universities of the State.
Adult education means services or instruction below the college level for adults who:
Adult education means any form of non-vocational education for adults after initial education, whether of a formal, non-formal or informal nature;
Adult education means all education or instruction, including
Adult education means services or instruction below the postsecondary education level for individuals who are not enrolled or required to be enrolled in secondary school under State law and who lack sufficient mastery of basic educational skills to enable individuals to function effectively in society; or do not have a secondary school diploma or its equivalent level of education; or are unable to speak, read, or write the English language.
Adult education means organized and structured programs or competencies which directly or indirectly prepare students for post-secondary or training opportunities, and/or entering and retaining employment opportunities. Adult education programs provide qualifying out-of-school youth and adult students with literacy skills below the collegiate/post- secondary level with a continuous education system, driven by a student education occupational plan (SEOP), through competency-based instruction, with opportunities to improve their basic literacy levels, English as a second language skills, or high school level of education consistent with R277-733.
Adult education means the education or further education of a person of not less than fifteen years of age who has not attended any educational institution at any time before, or, as the case may be, who is a dropout from an educational institution at any level of his studies therein;