Right of Priority Sample Clauses

Right of Priority. 10.1.1 The Parties further acknowledge and agree that if Party B intends to license or transfer any of the Digital Copyright of the Work exclusively to any third party during the Term or after the expiration of the Term, Party A has rights of priority to be licensed or transferred any of those Digital Copyrights. If Party B wishes to transfer or authorize others to any of those Digital Copyrights exclusively, Party B shall notify Party A in advance in writing (attaching the proposed terms of agreement, if any); Party A shall have a priority right over any third party to obtain the foregoing rights, and Party B shall take such actions as necessary and appropriate to allow Party A to exercise such priority rights. Unless Party A fails to exercise its priority rights within thirty (30) business days after receiving a written notification from Party B so requesting, Party B shall not transfer or license the aforesaid rights to any third party. Party A’s priority rights shall be exercised in a manner consistent with maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of Party B, and Party A shall use all reasonable endeavours to create income for Party B by so doing.
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Right of Priority. In case the Supplier decides to distribute the Products in a country which is not listed under the definition of Territory in Europe, the Supplier shall propose in writing to Sephora to be its exclusive distributor in this country. If Sephora is interested by the exclusive distribution rights of the Products in the new country proposed by the Supplier, Sephora shall provide its written approval to the Supplier within a sixty (60) day period following the receipt of notice from the Supplier and the Parties shall add the relevant country to the Territory by a written amendment to this Agreement, signed by both Parties.
Right of Priority. An application for registration of a mark under section 1051, 1053, 1054, or 1091 of this title or under subsection (e) of this section, filed by a person described in subsection (b) of this sec- tion who has previously duly filed an applica- tion for registration of the same mark in one of the countries described in subsection (b) shall be accorded the same force and effect as would be accorded to the same application if filed in the United States on the same date on which the ap- plication was first filed in such foreign country: Provided, That—
Right of Priority. Any person who has duly filed an application for industrial design in a member state of the Paris Union or in a signatory member state of the WTO or ARIPO shall enjoy a right of priority in respect of the filing of an application for registration in Mozambique.
Right of Priority. The right of priority under the Paris Convention allows a resident or national of a member country to first file a patent application in any member country and to then file a patent application for the same invention in any other member country within 12 months of the first filing date. The subsequently filed application is treated as if it was filed in the other member country on the earlier filing date. This is called the “right of priority”.
Right of Priority. When filing a patent application the applicant may submit a declaration claiming the priority, pursuant the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, on the basis of one or several national or international applications earlier filed in foreign countries, specifying the filing date and the country of the said application or applications. The State Patent Bureau may request from the applicant claiming priority within 3 months from the filing date of the application to furnish a copy or copies of previously filed applications and a translation thereof into the Lithuanian language. Upon establishing that the requirements of paragraph 2 of this Article are not observed, the State Patent Bureau may request the applicant to fulfil the requirements. Upon failure to fulfil the requirements, the declaration claiming the priority shall be regarded as not have been filed.
Right of Priority. It is the right exclusively held by THE EVALUATOR during the term of this contract and two additional months under the terms provided in Clause 6 (paragraph 6.4) hereunder.
Right of Priority. If during the period of this contract and two (2) more months, the XXX receives a Contracting Proposal from a third party in respect to the Technical Evaluation Area, partially or in whole, THE EVALUATOR shall be able to exercise its right of priority on the area being the object of the Contracting Proposal presented by the third party. For the purposes of exercising such Right of Priority, the following procedure shall be followed:
Right of Priority. In the event that the Lessor shall build on the balcony attached to the Leased Property and/or on the roof of the Leased Property (on an area which is not built-up on the date of execution of this contract) during the "Term of the Lease" and the Lessor shall decide to lease the same to a third party (the "New Area"), the Lessee will have a right of priority to lease the New Area, all as specified and stipulated below:
Right of Priority in the case of extension of the term of the existing License and Agreement and/or executing a new agreement in the Agreement Field.