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This title means W.S. 12-1-101 through 12-10-102;
This title means Title 15, Chapter 1 of the state administrative code;
This title means W.S. 12‑1‑101 through 12‑10‑102;

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  • This title appears here courtesy of the author, who has retained all other copyrights.

  • This title may be cited as the “Arctic Research and Policy Act of 1984”.

  • This title was repealed and reenacted in 1971, and this article was subsequently repealed and reenacted in 2000, resulting in the addition, relocation, and elimination of sections as well as subject matter.

  • This title shall not apply to contracts made prior to January 1, 1926.(July 30, 1947, ch.

  • This title plan shows the general position, not the exact line, of the boundaries.

  • This title does not carry tenure, nor does time served as a Professor of the Practice count toward achieving tenure in another title.

  • This title does not afford, to the owner of copyright in a work that portrays a useful article as such, any greater or lesser rights with respect to the making, distribution, or display of the useful article so portrayed than those afforded to such works under the law, whether title 17 or the common law or statutes of a State, in effect on December 31, 1977, as held applicable and construed by a court in an action brought under this title.

  • This title shall not be construed to lessen the liability of any such common carrier or to diminish or take away in any respect any right that any person so employed, or the personal representative, kindred or relation, or dependent of such person, may have under the act of Congress relating to the liability of common carriers by railroad to their employees in certain cases, approved April 22, 1908, or under §§ 8.01-57 through 8.01-62 or § 56-441.

  • This title may be used to appoint individuals who have demonstrated excellence in the practice as well as leadership in specific fields.

  • This title should capture the keywords that describe the practice.

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This title means Title 15, Chapter 1 of the State Administrative Code. [12/31/98; NMAC - Rn & A, 15 NMAC 1.17.7, 3/31/00]
This title obviously means Title XVIII of the Social Security Act, which created both Parts A and B.
This title means Chapter 15, Part 1 of the New Mexico Administrative Code. [N, 4/30/99; NMAC – Rn, 15 NMAC 1.21.7, 2/14/02]
This title means Title 15, Chapter 1 of the New Mexico Administrative Code.

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