Patent Application Sample Clauses

Patent Application. Lessee may, at its expense, seek to patent in Lessor’s name any and all unpatented mining claims which are pert of the Property. Lessor pledges full cooperation to Lessee in executing any documents necessary to accomplish patenting if so desired by Lessee. If Lessee begins patent proceedings and Lessee desires to discontinue them, or if this Agreement is terminated while patent proceedings are pending, Lessee shall have no further obligation with respect thereto, except to pay any unpaid expenses accrued in such proceedings prior to its request to discontinue, or prior to termination, whichever occurs first. If the patent application results in cancellation of any unpatented claims, Lessee shall not be liable for any claims, losses or damages resulting from such cancellation. Lessor appoints Lessee as Lessor’s lawful Attorney In Fact for the purpose of patent applications. All patents shall be part of the Property and the parties will promptly, after issuance of each patent, execute and deliver an addendum to this Agreement and a memorandum of this Agreement to such effect.
Patent Application. UEC (i) may file patent application at its own discretion and expense, including expenses to be paid to registration organs such as the Patent Office, and external patent attorneys who are not affiliated with either party, etc., for acquisition of the patent right in any country, or (ii) shall do so at the request of the Sponsor at the Sponsor’s expense at a country or countries requested by Sponsor. When UEC has filed patent application in any country in accordance with (i) and/or (ii) above, UEC shall promptly notify to the Sponsor in writing and deliver copies of the relevant documents. In case of (ii) above, the Sponsor shall also bear expenses to maintain the registration.
Patent Application. 2.1 The Parties agree that any inventions which fall under the definitions within the Research Agreement of Joint Arising IP or Jointly Developed Arising IP and which arise pursuant to the Research Agreement shall be owned jointly by those Parties developing the same as tenants in common in equal shares, save that in the case of any share which would otherwise be owned by Oxford, such share shall be owned by Oxford or Isis as appropriate.
Patent Application. A. I hereby assign and agree to assign to the Company, all my right, title and interest in and to all inventions, discoveries, improvements, ideas, computer or other apparatus programs and related documentation, and other works of authorship (hereinafter each and collectively designated "Intellectual Property"), whether or not capable of registration under applicable patent or copyright laws or susceptible to other forms of protection, which during the period of my employment by the Company I may make or create, solely or jointly with others, in whole or in part, either:
Patent Application. Employee agrees, at the request, ------------------ and at the expense, of the Company, to make application in due form for United States letters patent and foreign letters patent on the inventions, discoveries, improvements, apparatus, processes, compounds and formulae which may be directly or indirectly useful in or relate to the Company's electro-optical polymer technology and to assign to the Company all right, title and interest in the inventions, discoveries, improvements, apparatus, processes, compounds, formulae, and patent applications therefor or patents thereon which may be directly or indirectly useful in or relate to, the Company's electro-optical polymer technology, and to execute at any and all times, any and all instruments and do any and all acts necessary or which the Company may deem desirable in connection with any such application for letters patent or in order to establish and perfect in the Company the entire right, title and interest to the inventions, discoveries, improvements, apparatus, processes, compounds, formulae, patent applications or patents which may be directly or indirectly useful in or relate to, the Company's electro-optical polymer technology, and also to execute any instruments necessary or which the Company may deem desirable in connection with any continuations, renewals or reissues or in the conduct of any proceedings or litigation.
Patent Application. 8.1 During the term of this agreement ANI shall apply for patents on the inventions, ideas and designs made by ANI in pursuit of the nanotechnology specific R&D program (hereafter collectively referred to as “Inventions”) at its own expense in any country, which it considers necessary.
Patent Application. Animals Transgenic for a Tetracycline-Regulated Transcriptional Inhibitor, by Bujard and Gossen. BBI-009C6CN; BBC-009J.
Patent Application. UniverCell shall not have reasonably determined that no patent will issue on the currently pending patent application by DAYTONA BRANDS covering software for the creation of erasable e-mail.
Patent Application. In addition, to the services in Section 1(b) and cash fees in subpart (a) of this Section 2, Consultant will provide, at the Company’s request, turn-key patent application services for the fee of $7,500 per patent application. The patent legal services will be provided, at the Consultant’s expense, by Dentons US, LLP (“Dentons”) and the Company will be required to enter fees for a separate engagement with Dentons, although the Company shall only be responsible for any filing fees or out of pocket expenses incurred by Dentons.