Pregnancy Disability Sample Clauses

Pregnancy Disability. Leave (PDL) - An employee is eligible for continuation of MPS in accordance with applicable law.
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Pregnancy Disability. For the purposes of State Disability Insurance, Pregnancy Disability Leave is effective the first date the employee is disabled, e.g., if an employee's last day of work is 9/1, and the baby is delivered on 10/1, then the effective date of Pregnancy Disability Leave will be 9/1. The District will require verification from the employee's physician. The combination of time off for approved Pregnancy Disability Leave and Family Medical Leave may not total more than seven months per occasion. This requires the approval of the Department Director.
Pregnancy Disability. Unit employees who are in paid status immediately 17 preceding medically-verified pregnancy disability shall be eligible to receive 18 compensation at their regular rate of pay charged against available sick leave 19 for the workdays missed during the period of disability, subject to the following 20 conditions:
Pregnancy Disability. Pregnancy disability leave shall be for a period of the disability or until sick leave is exhausted.
Pregnancy Disability. (1) The pregnant teacher shall be allowed to continue in her position as long as she is fit to perform her duties.
Pregnancy Disability. 12.5.1 Unit members are entitled to use accumulated sick leave as set forth in 12.2.1 and
Pregnancy Disability. An officer physically disabled from performing her normal job responsibilities as a result of pregnancy shall be treated in the same manner as an officer physically disabled from performing his/her normal job responsibilities due to other personal illness or physical incapacity, including the right to leave without pay after the exhaustion of sick leave if still disabled without loss of seniority.
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Pregnancy Disability. Procedures to be followed when applying for a pregnancy disability are:
Pregnancy Disability. Disabilities arising from pregnancy or childbirth must be treated the same as all other disabilities in terms of eligibility for or entitlement to sick leave, extended sick leave, and/or disability leave. A pregnant employee, who is eligible for disability leave in accordance with this Agreement and who does not desire to use vacation or sick leave or does not have accumulated sick leave or vacation may, upon written request to the Superintendent or designee, be granted a leave of absence without pay or assignment to a light duty position if available. A pregnant employee not eligible to receive disability leave benefits shall, upon request, be permitted to use any or all of the employee's accumulated vacation leave, or compensatory time at any reasonable time prior to or following childbirth. Such vacation leave may precede, be part of, or follow the period as defined in Section 47.21 of this Article.
Pregnancy Disability. Disabilities caused or contributed to by pregnancy, miscarriage, childbirth, termination of pregnancy, and recovery therefrom are covered by sick leave provisions. The length of the leave of absence, including the date on which the leave shall commence and the date on which the unit member shall resume duties, shall be determined by the unit member and her physician. The unit member shall provide written notice and physician verification to Human Resources as soon as possible regarding the expected date of which the leave will commence, and the expected date on which the unit member may resume duties.
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