Orders Sample Clauses

Orders. All orders you submit for transactions in Fund Shares shall reflect orders received from your customers or shall be for your account for your own bona fide investment, and you will date and time-stamp your customer orders and forward them promptly each day and in any event prior to the time required by the applicable Fund prospectus (the “Prospectus,” which for purposes of this agreement includes the Statement of Additional Information incorporated therein). As agent for your customers, you shall not withhold placing customers’ orders for any Shares so as to profit yourself or your customer as a result of such withholding. You are hereby authorized to: (i) place your orders directly with the relevant investment company (the “Company”) for the purchase of Shares and (ii) tender Shares directly to the Company for redemption, in each case subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Prospectus and any operating procedures and policies established by us or the Fund (directly or through its Transfer Agent) from time to time. All purchase orders you submit are subject to acceptance or rejection, and we reserve the right to suspend or limit the sale of Shares. You are not authorized to make any representations concerning Shares of any Fund except such representations as are contained in the Prospectus and in such supplemental written information that the Fund or the Distributor (acting on behalf of the Fund) may provide to you with respect to a Fund. All orders that are accepted for the purchase of Shares shall be executed at the next determined public offering price per share (i.e., the net asset value per share plus the applicable sales load, if any) and all orders for the redemption of Shares shall be executed at the next determined net asset value per share and subject to any applicable redemption fee or contingent deferred sales load, in each case as described in the Prospectus.
Orders. “Order” means the accepted order including any supporting material which the parties identify as incorporated either by attachment or reference (“Supporting Material”). Supporting Material may include (as examples) product lists, hardware or software specifications, standard or negotiated service descriptions, data sheets and their supplements, and statements of work (SOWs), published warranties and service level agreements, and may be available to Customer in hard copy or by accessing a designated HP website.
Orders. (a) All orders to create or redeem Baskets shall be made in accordance with the terms of the Trust Agreement, the Deposit Account Agreement, this Agreement and the Procedures. Each party will comply with such foregoing terms and procedures to the extent applicable to it. The Authorized Participant hereby consents to the use of recorded telephone lines whether or not such use is reflected in the Procedures. The Trustee and Sponsor may issue additional or other procedures from time to time relating to the manner of creating or redeeming Baskets which are not related to the Procedures, and the Authorized Participant will comply with such procedures of which it has received notice in accordance with Section 18(c).
Orders a. Dealer agrees to offer and sell Shares of the Funds (including those of each of its classes) only at the regular public offering price applicable to such Shares and in effect at the time of each transaction. The procedures relating to all orders and the handling of each order (including the manner of computing the net asset value of Shares and the effective time of orders received from Dealer) are subject to: (i) the terms of the then current prospectus and statement of additional information (including any supplements, stickers or amendments thereto) relating to each Fund, as filed with the SEC ("Prospectus"); (ii) the new account application for each Fund, as supplemented or amended from time to time; and (iii) Distributor's written instructions and multiple class pricing procedures and guidelines, as provided to Dealer from time to time. To the extent that the Prospectus contains provisions that are inconsistent with this Agreement or any other document, the terms of the Prospectus shall be controlling.
Orders. No court or governmental authority of competent jurisdiction shall have enacted, issued, promulgated, enforced or entered any statute, rule, regulation, judgment, decree, injunction or other order (whether temporary, preliminary or permanent) (any of the foregoing, an “Order”) that is in effect and that prohibits or makes illegal the consummation of the P&A Transaction.
Orders. You shall promptly advise us of all purchase orders for shares of the Fund received by you. Any order may be rejected by us; provided, however, that we and the Company will not arbitrarily or without reasonable cause refuse to accept or confirm orders for the purchase of shares of the Fund. We or our agent will confirm orders upon receipt, will make appropriate book entries and, upon receipt by the Company (or its agent) of payment therefor, will deliver deposit receipts for the shares.
Orders. Unless the parties to the Order agree in writing that another contract or agreement applies to such order, any Order placed by a Participating Entity or Purchasing Entity for a Product and/or Service available from this Master Agreement shall be deemed to be a sale under (and governed by the prices and other terms and conditions of) the Master Agreement as conditioned by this Participating Addendum.
Orders. This Agreement may also govern sale of related stand-alone products, support, and custom services, as described in an accepted order (“Order”) or additional supporting material. “Supporting Material” may include (as examples) additional statements of work, hardware or software specifications, data sheets, published warranties, and some Supporting Material may be available to Customer in hard copy or by accessing a designated HP website.
Orders. The Interim Order shall be in full force and effect and shall not have been stayed, reversed, modified or amended in any respect without the prior written consent of the Agent and the Required Lenders, provided, that at the time of the making of any Loan or the issuance of any Letter of Credit the aggregate amount of either of which, when added to the sum of the principal amount of all Loans then outstanding and the LC Exposure, would exceed the amount authorized by the Interim Order (collectively, the "Additional Credit"), the Agent and each of the Lenders shall have received satisfactory evidence of the entry of an order of the Bankruptcy Court in substantially the form of the Interim Order (with only such modifications thereto as are reasonably satisfactory in form and substance to the Agent) (the "Final Order"), which, in any event, shall have been executed and delivered and entered by the Bankruptcy Court no later than forty-five (45) days after the entry of the Interim Order and at the time of the extension of any Additional Credit the Final Order shall be in full force and effect, and shall not have been vacated, stayed, reversed, modified or amended in any respect without the prior written consent of the Agent and the Required Lenders; and if either the Interim Order or the Final Order is the subject of a pending appeal in any respect, neither the making of the Loans nor the issuance of any Letter of Credit nor the performance by the Borrower or any Guarantor of any of their respective obligations under any of the Loan Documents shall be the subject of a presently effective stay pending appeal.