PHYSICS Sample Clauses

PHYSICS. PHYS 1401 College Physics I PHYS 1402 College Physics II PHYS 2425 University Physics I PHYS 2426 University Physics II Physical Science PHYS 1403 Stars and Galaxies PHYS 1404 Solar System PHYS 1415 Physical Science I PHYS 1417 Physical Science II GEOL 1403 Physical Geology GEOL 1404 Historical Geology GEOL 1445 Oceanography
PHYSICS. ITER is designed to produce a plasma dominated by α-particle heating • produce a significant fusion power amplification factor (Q = 10) in long-pulse operation • aim to achieve steady-state operation of a tokamak (Q = 5) • retain the possibility of exploring ‘controlled ignition’ (Q = 30) Technology: • demonstrate integrated operation of technologies for a fusion power planttest components required for a fusion power plant • test concepts for a tritium breeding module role of ITER in Europe´s vision • ITER is the fastest path of a success-oriented strategy to a reactor • patience with fusion as an energy option is running short the King Panel (including leading industrialists) report: The ITER project is the essential step towards energy production on a fast track. Economist July 18, 2002: • fusion has demonstrated a new physics constant: the 30 years to fusion power • „the only reason to understand burning plasmas is in order to build a commercial fusion power-plant“ tokamak research is mature for the step to a burning plasma - (1) tokamak research has converged ITER incorporates all successfull developments: • elongated (D- shaped) cross-section • divertor • superconducting coils • DT operation ITER tokamak research is mature for the step to a burning plasma - (2) the progress in performance measure n T t steady, rapid progress of tokamak performance natural next step: burning plasma
PHYSICS. General Physics I (PHY 241 at UVI) • General Physics II (PHY 242 at UVI) • Modern Physics (PHY 341 at UVI) • Other courses prescribed by major department at THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA. If necessary, these may be taken at THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA.
PHYSICS. PHY105 PH 1110 General Physics I PHY106 PH 1000 General Physics elective credit PHY 205 PH 1120 General Physics II Summary of Changes Courses under the original agreement: QCC Courses Change ENG 101 Originally awarded general elective HU credit. Now awarded credit for EN/WR 2211. ENG 102 Originally awarded general elective HU credit. Now awarded credit for EN 1251. CSC 221 Originally awarded credit for CS 1005 which is no longer offered at WPI. No credit will be awarded for CSC 221. MAT 122 Eliminated from the articulation agreement in 2005. MAT 237 Not in the original agreement. Will award credit for XX 0000.
PHYSICS. The CLIL approach was employed in order to introduce students to the topic of energy associated to the light propagation, light intensity, and luminous flux (n°9 per 30 minutes video-lesson on WebEx platform, 270 minutes). • STEM Subject 2 Mathematics: Students were introduced to the trigonometric relationships and the geometric properties of the sphere, the solid angle (n°4 per 30 minutes video-lesson on WebEx platform, 120 minutes). • STEM Subject 3 Chemistry: The lesson was dedicated to the study of chemical reactions and their kinetics. Light energy and reactions (n°2 per 60 minutes plus n°7 per 30 minutes video- lesson on WebEx platform, 330 minutes). • STEM Subject 4
PHYSICS. PHYS 200 General Physics I (4)|PHYS V2A &_ General Physics I (4) | (§ CAN PHYS 2) | (§ CAN PHYS SEQ A) |PHYS V2AL General Physics I (1) | Laboratory | (§ CAN PHYS 2) | (§ CAN PHYS SEQ A) | O_R_ |PHYS V3A &_ General Physics I: (4) | Calculus-Based |PHYS V3AL General Physics I (1) | Laboratory: | Calculus-Based AND | AND § Ventura College CHEM V1A + CHEM V1AL qualified as XXX XXXX 0 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx XXXX X0X + CHEM V1AL + CHEM V1B + CHEM V1BL qualified as CAN CHEM SEQ A Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx XXXX X0X + CHEM V1BL qualified as CAN CHEM 4 Ventura College PHYS V2A + PHYS V2AL qualified as CAN PHYS 2 PHYS 201 General Physics II (4)|PHYS V2B _& General Physics II (4) | (§ CAN PHYS 4) | (§ CAN PHYS SEQ A) |PHYS V2BL General Physics II (1) | Laboratory | (§ CAN PHYS 4) | (§ CAN PHYS SEQ A) | O_R_ |PHYS V3B &_ General Physics II: (4) | Calculus-Based |PHYS V3BL General Physics II (1) | Laboratory: | Calculus-Based END OF MAJOR § Ventura College PHYS V2B + PHYS V2BL qualified as CAN PHYS 4 ====BUSINESS==== Lower Division Requirements_ ACCT 210 Financial Accounting (3)|BUS V1A | | Financial Accounting (CAN BUS 2) (§ CAN BUS SEQ A) (4) ACCT 220 Managerial Accounting (3)|BUS V1B | | Managerial Accounting (CAN BUS 4) (§ CAN BUS SEQ A) (4) BUS 110 Business Law (3)|BUS V33 | | O_R_ |BUS V53 Business Law (CAN BUS 8) Legal Environment of (3) (3) | | Business (CAN BUS 12) CIS 110 Business Computer Systems (3)|BIS V40 | | | Microcomputer Applications in Business (CAN BUS 6) (4) ECON 110 Principles of Microeconomics (3)|ECON V1B | | Principles of Micro-Economics (CAN ECON 4) (3) ECON 111 Principles of Macroeconomics (3)|ECON V1A | | Principles of Macro-Economics (CAN ECON 2) (3) ENGL 100 Composition and Rhetoric (3)|ENGL V1A | | | English Composition: Level I (CAN ENGL 2) (§ CAN ENGL SEQ A) (5) MATH 140 Calculus for Business Applications I (3)|MATH V46A | Applied Calculus I (CAN MATH 30) (3) OR | | (§ CAN MATH SEQ D) OR § Ventura College BUS V1A + BUS V1B qualified as CAN BUS SEQ A Ventura College ENGL V1A + ENGL V1B qualified as CAN ENGL SEQ A Ventura College MATH V46A + MATH V46B qualified as CAN MATH SEQ D BUSINESS (continued) MATH 150 Calculus I (4)|MATH V21A Calculus with (5) | Analytic Geometry I | (CAN MATH 18) | (§ CAN MATH SEQ B) | (§ CAN MATH SEQ C) END OF MAJOR ====COMPUTER SCIENCE==== Lower Division Requirements_ MATH 150 Calculus I (4)|MATH | | | | V21A Calculus with Analytic Geometry I (CAN MATH 18) (§ CAN MATH SEQ B) (§ CAN MATH SEQ C) (5) MATH 151 Calculus II (4)|MATH |...
PHYSICS. The Associate of Science degree provides general academic courses and electives that enable students who intend to major in physics to transfer to four-year institutions. Because of the various transfer requirements of different four-year institutions, and to ensure enrollment in appropriate courses, students should consult with a CCCCD adviser and the institution which they plan to attend. The science of physics seeks to understand the physical universe and deals with the behavior of matter and energy at the most fundamental level. By observation, physicists search for the basic principles that explain natural phenomena. The concepts of physics overlap many disciplines. A knowledge of physics provides a strong background for careers in science, engineering, computer technology or education. The Associate of Science degree with a concentration in physics prepares the student to pursue university studies leading to a bachelor’s degree. The basic AS program, at the general physics level, prepares students for further education in fields such as biology, medicine or secondary education. Students seeking a bachelor’s degree in fields such as physics, engineering or computer science will require the more advanced mathematics and physics. Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution should check with the specific degree plan requirements of their intended major.
PHYSICS. Physics is the study of the laws governing the natural universe. The great strength of a physics degree is its versatility; the problem solving skill of physicists is sought by a wide range of employers. There are career opportunities in university teaching/research, adolescence school teaching, government and industrial labs, medical technology, computer programming, management, and finance. Physics graduates also have a good base entry into the professional schools of law, medicine and dentistry, in addition to physics itself. A dual degree program culmination in a B.S. in Physics and a B.S.E.E. in Electrical Engineering is also available. See the New Paltz catalog for details. One-half of the credits in the major must be completed at New Paltz. COBLESKILL COURSES EQUIVALENT NEW PALTZ COURSE PHYS 111 Physics I 75221 Fundamentals Physics I PHYS 112 Physics II 75222 Fundamentals Physics II Required for the Liberal Arts Physics Major: PHYS 211 Calculus Physics I 75201 General Physics I PHYS 212 Calculus Physics II 75202 General Physics II CHEM 111/111X Chemistry I/Lab 22201 General Chemistry I MATH 231 Calculus I 64251 Calculus I MATH 233 Calculus III 64353 Calculus III CITA 140 Introduction to Computer Science AND 25210 Computer Science I: Foundations CITA 215 C++ Programming Cobleskill courses not listed above may be accepted in transfer by New Paltz as general elective credit toward the degree with the exception of those courses that are remedial/developmental in nature.

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  • Medical Examination Where the Employer requires an employee to submit to a medical examination or medical interview, it shall be at the Employer's expense and on the Employer's time, other than a medical examination required under Section 1.4 of Appendix 2.

  • Medical Care Undersigned authorize the Released Parties to call for medical care for Participant or to transport Participant to a medical facility or hospital if, in their opinion, medical attention is needed. Undersigned agree to pay all costs associated with such medical care and related transportation.

  • Medical Verification The School District may require an employee to furnish a medical certificate from a qualified physician as evidence of illness, indicating such absence was due to illness, in order to qualify for sick leave pay. However, the final determination as to the eligibility of an employee for sick leave is reserved to the School District. In the event that a medical certificate will be required, the employee will be so advised.

  • Anesthesia Services This plan covers general and local anesthesia services received from an anesthesiologist when the surgical procedure is a covered healthcare service. This plan covers office visits or office consultations with an anesthesiologist when provided prior to a scheduled covered surgical procedure.

  • Medical Examinations An employee may be required by the Employer, at the request of and at the expense of the Employer, to take a medical examination by a physician of the employee's choice. Employees may be required to take skin tests, x-ray examination, vaccination, inoculation and other immunization (with the exception of a rubella vaccination when the employee is of the opinion that a pregnancy is possible), unless the employee's physician has advised in writing that such a procedure may have an adverse affect on the employee's health.

  • Vlastnictví Zdravotnické zařízení si ponechá a bude uchovávat Zdravotní záznamy. Zdravotnické zařízení a Zkoušející převedou na Zadavatele veškerá svá práva, nároky a tituly, včetně práv duševního vlastnictví k Důvěrným informacím (ve smyslu níže uvedeném) a k jakýmkoli jiným Studijním datům a údajům.

  • Medical There shall be an open enrollment period for medical coverage in each year of this Agreement. An employee may elect no medical coverage during any open enrollment period. An employee who has elected no medical coverage may elect medical coverage during an open enrollment period. No pre-existing condition limitations will apply.

  • Surgery Services This plan covers surgery services to treat a disease or injury when: • the operation is not experimental or investigational, or cosmetic in nature; • the operation is being performed at the appropriate place of service; and • the physician is licensed to perform the surgery. Preauthorization may be required for certain surgical services. Reconstructive Surgery for a Functional Deformity or Impairment This plan covers reconstructive surgery and procedures when the services are performed to relieve pain, or to correct or improve bodily function that is impaired as a result of: • a birth defect; • an accidental injury; • a disease; or • a previous covered surgical procedure. Functional indications for surgical correction do not include psychological, psychiatric or emotional reasons. This plan covers the procedures listed below to treat functional impairments. • abdominal wall surgery including panniculectomy (other than an abdominoplasty); • blepharoplasty and ptosis repair; • gastric bypass or gastric banding; • nasal reconstruction and septorhinoplasty; • orthognathic surgery including mandibular and maxillary osteotomy; • reduction mammoplasty; • removal of breast implants; • removal or treatment of proliferative vascular lesions and hemangiomas; • treatment of varicose veins; or • gynecomastia. Preauthorization may be required for these services.

  • Classroom Management The certificated classroom teacher demonstrates, in his or her performance, a competent level of knowledge and skill in organizing the physical and human elements in the educational setting. Performance Indicators

  • Wellness A. To support the statewide goal for a healthy and productive workforce, employees are encouraged to participate in a Well-Being Assessment survey. Employees will be granted work time and may use a state computer to complete the survey.