Prior learning definition

Prior learning means knowledge, skills, or competencies acquired through formal or informal education outside the traditional postsecondary academic environment.
Prior learning means - recognising formal skills and experience.
Prior learning means the formal or informal learning that an individual undertakes through his or her work or life experience;

Examples of Prior learning in a sentence

  • Prior learning assessment work undertaken by an employee covered by this Agreement will be integrated into and form part of the employee's workload as workload is defined in the employee's collective agreement.

  • Prior learning, not prior experience, is the basis for credit awarded.

  • Transclypeal sulcus present, narrow, strongly impressed, impunctate or irregularly punctate.

  • Prior learning assessment work undertaken by a faculty member will be integrated into and form part of the faculty member’s workload as workload is defined in this Collective Agreement.

  • Prior learning may include documented learning such as (but not limited to) Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, DANTES, CLEP, military experience, and credit by exam.

  • Prior learning assessment is a means to review prior learning, to identify concepts already acquired, and to appropriately place students into the sequence of courses toward a degree.

  • Prior learning must be documented with evidence of the concepts learned and the achievement level attained.

  • Prior learning includes college-level credits earned elsewhere as well as the assessment of skills, knowledge and competencies acquired outside the classroom against a set of standards or learning outcomes.

  • Prior learning, as validated, evaluated, and confirmed by qualified instructors at the receiving institution.

  • Practiced ability to dynamically assess risk to self and others safety is required.1.3 Prior learning: Firefighter‌EQF 2 Basic factual knowledge of a field of work or study.

Related to Prior learning

  • Work-based learning means opportunities and experiences that include but are not limited to tours, job shadowing, rotations, mentoring, entrepreneurship, service learning, internships, and apprenticeships.

  • Distance learning means the technology and educational process used to provide instruction to a student when the student and the instructor are not necessarily physically present at the same time or place. The term includes, but is not limited to, instruction provided through an interactive classroom, computer conferencing, or an interactive computer system.

  • Learning Programme means a programme of education and/or training delivered by the Provider under this Agreement;

  • Digital Learning means a digital technology or internet-based educational delivery model that does not rely exclusively on compressed interactive video (CIV). Digital learning includes online and blended learning.

  • Material Change in Content means the occurrence since the Launch Date of a material change in the content, composition or constitution of the Futures Contract or the Commodity.

  • School year means the period beginning July 1 and ending June 30 next following.

  • The Works/Project means the works to be executed or done under this contract.

  • Partial Dependant means a "dependant" as prescribed in paragraph (a) of this subclause who receives a location allowance which is less than the location allowance prescribed in subclause (1) of this clause or who, if in receipt of a salary or wage package, receives less than a full consideration for which the location allowance is payable pursuant to the provisions of this clause.

  • Blended learning means the delivery of instruction in a combination of time in a supervised physical location away from home and online delivery whereby the student has some element of control over time, place, path, or pace of learning.

  • In-school suspension means an exclusion from regular classroom activity for no more than ten (10) consecutive school days, but not exclusion from school, provided such exclusion shall not extend beyond the end of the school year in which such in-school suspension was imposed. No student shall be placed on in-school suspension more than fifteen (15) times or a total of fifty (50) days in one (1) school year, whichever results in fewer days of exclusion.

  • Service Session means a sequence of support activities and tasks carried out remotely to collect further information by interview or by analysis of a Production System resulting in a list of recommendations. A Service Session could run manually, as a self-service or fully automated.

  • Investigative consumer report means a consumer report or portion thereof in which information about a natural person's character, general reputation, personal characteristics, or mode of living is obtained through personal interviews with the person's neighbors, friends, associates, acquaintances, or others who may have knowledge concerning such items of information.

  • eStatement means any document or statement provided or made available in electronic form;

  • Stormwater management planning area means the geographic area for which a stormwater management planning agency is authorized to prepare stormwater management plans, or a specific portion of that area identified in a stormwater management plan prepared by that agency.

  • Discharge planning means the formal process for determining, prior to discharge from a facility, the coordination and management of the care that a patient receives following discharge from a facility.

  • Verbal abuse means, but is not limited to, the use of derogatory terms or names, undue voice volume and rude comments, orders or responses to residents.

  • Dependant means -

  • Approved abuse education training program means a training program using a curriculum approved by the abuse education review panel of the department of public health or a training program offered by a hospital, a professional organization for physicians, or the department of human services, the department of education, an area education agency, a school district, the Iowa law enforcement academy, an Iowa college or university, or a similar state agency.

  • Teaching Hospital means a hospital that trains students to become physicians, nurses, or other health or laboratory personnel.

  • Adult basic education means education or instruction

  • Distance education means education imparted by combination of any two or more means of communication, viz. broadcasting, telecasting, correspondence courses, seminars, contact programmes and any other such methodology;

  • Information Security Program means the administrative, technical, and physical safeguards that a licensee uses to access, collect, distribute, process, protect, store, use, transmit, dispose of, or otherwise handle nonpublic information.

  • Root Cause Analysis Report means a report addressing a problem or non-conformance, in order to get to the ‘root cause’ of the problem, which thereby assists in correcting or eliminating the cause, and prevent the problem from recurring.

  • material hoist means a hoist used to lower or raise material and equipment, excluding passengers; "medical certificate of fitness" means a certificate contemplated in regulation 7(8);

  • Representative of a prospective contractor means an officer or director of a corporation, a member or manager of a limited liability corporation, a partner of a partnership or a trustee of a trust of the prospective contractor.

  • Stormwater management planning agency means a public body authorized by legislation to prepare stormwater management plans.