Laboratory Equipment Sample Clauses

Laboratory Equipment. For facilities requiring medical or laboratory equipment, the Professional shall provide specifications of such medical or laboratory equipment, coordinate the required building services with the Professional, inspect the equipment for missing components and defects upon delivery and supervise the testing of the equipment upon installation. All services must be provided by staff of the Professional or a sub-consultant competent and experienced in the specification of medical and laboratory equipment.
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Laboratory Equipment. No electrical or electronic or electromagnetic or similar equipment or machines or devices shall be installed or used in the Premises unless the same is properly electrically filtered and insulated so that there is no interference in the Property with telephonic, video, fiber optic, data processing, radio, television or other communication, transmission or reception. All walls, ceilings, floors and doors of any room used for any such use shall be properly shielded to the extent required to comply with any applicable federal, state and local laws, ordinances, rules and regulations. Notwithstanding anything in this Lease to the contrary, any and all specialized equipment related to Tenant’s laboratory use at the Premises must be approved in writing by Landlord before being brought into, installed or used in the Premises, and Tenant shall remove any and all such equipment upon the expiration or sooner termination of the Term (and repair any damage caused by such removal).
Laboratory Equipment. Assistants shall not be expected to pay for laboratory equipment necessary for the fulfillment of work-related duties. Nor shall assistants be expected to pay for laboratory equipment that is broken or damaged in the execution of approved or authorized work- related duties.
Laboratory Equipment. Laboratory Equipment means the equipment listed in Exhibit D of this Agreement, which includes laboratory equipment that is necessary to accommodate all of KINEX’s expected U.S. pharmaceutical innovation formulation and feasibility output of innovative pharmaceutical products. After the Parties sign this Agreement, the Parties will mutually agree on the list of Laboratory Equipment to be set forth in Exhibit D by amending this Agreement.
Laboratory Equipment. Appendix B and Appendix C presents the laboratory instrumentation and equipment specific to laboratory analysis and the schedules of maintenance and testing.
Laboratory Equipment. □ Yes □ No 1. With sterilization device. Location: .
Laboratory Equipment. Landlord hereby approves the use by Tenant of the laboratory equipment described on Exhibit J attached to this Lease (“Laboratory Equipment”) so long as (i) the laboratory Equipment does not generate any noise or odors that emanate outside the Premises and does not generate any excessive heat, (ii) use of the Laboratory Equipment does not generate any Hazardous Substances (defined below) except for Permitted Materials (as defined below), and (iii) all Laboratory Equipment will be owned, operated and maintained in compliance with laws, rules, regulations, codes, guidelines and ordinances. Any needed additional drainage or ventilation shall be added as part of the Tenant Improvements.
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Laboratory Equipment. Bio-Rad BioLogic LP System with BioFrac Fraction Collector and LP DataView Software; Price is per Quote #17-Q26868V5 $ 11,885.75 $ 10,470.78 Specialty Coating systems - G3P-8 Spin Coater, 115V/60Hz 6,261.13 4,770.39 Biodipy TMR FP D555/fp595 dual mirror, optical mudule d555fp/B850_482 5,864.02 4,398.01 Lab -20 Degree Freezer - VWR 3,663.09 3,401.44 Formlabs Inc. Form2 Complete Package with Grey Resin, includes: Form2 3D Printer, Grey Resin Cartridge #GPGR03, Build Platform for Form 2, Finish Kit for Form 2, Resin Tank for Form 2; Price is per Quote #00016343 3,499.00 3,040.80 Integra Biosciences Corp. 16 Channel ViaFlo II Pipette, .5-12.5uL and charging station 3,038.33 2,640.45 VWR General purpose refrigerator 26CF 2,499.85 1,993.93 Integra Biosciences Corp. Voyager II, 8 Channel, 50-1250uL with charging stand 1,590.12 1,381.89 Sanofi Purchase price paid 1.00 0.00 Total Laboratory Equipment $ 38,302.29 $ 32,097.69 COMPUTER EQUIPMENT Oracle Database Appliance X6-2M Model Family $ 23,160.41 $ 10,936.87 Reliant Technology - Net App equipment 12,105.45 11,432.93 Total Computer Equipment $ 35,265.86 $ 22,369.79 BALANCE NBV COMPUTER SOFTWARE Chemical Computing Group Molecular Operating Enviro $ 109,400.00 $ 54,700.00 Dotmatics [13] Annual named user licenses for Studies ELN 104,787.00 52,393.50 Water Software Licenses 93,163.50 60,348.19 Schrodinger 87,500.00 0.00 Schroedinger 87,500.00 0.00 Shrodibnger 87,500.00 0.00 Schrodinger 87,500.00 0.00 Schrodinger 87,500.00 0.00 Schrodinger 87,500.00 87,500.00 Dassualt Systemes 73,703.55 24,567.85 Titan Software 63,648.27 42,432.18 Xxxxxx Mosaic Software support and Maint April to March 60,617.40 0.00 IDBS Activity Base XE - 12 months 57,600.00 0.00 Elsevier - Reaxys 50,400.00 16,800.00 Tititan Software - 47,127.00 0.00 Xxxxxx Xxxxx Chemdraw 23,390.40 7,796.80 Insught Direct 23,311.64 9,713.18 ArxLab Notebook 20,400.00 (0.00 ) SciQuest Inc 20,000.00 5,000.00 Virscidian - Analytical Studio 15,600.00 7,583.33 PerkinElmer Informatics, Inc. Bronze Support for Columbus Server Software. Price is per five user package. Server hardware and operating system 10/2/17 to 10/1/18 11,637.12 1,939.52 Univa 11,520.00 4,800.00 Kelaroo 9,000.00 0.00 Insight Direct 8,308.80 0.00 XXXXXXX XXX XXX/XXX Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx 0000, Stand-Alone User Subscription(s), Subscription-to-Perpetual 7,838.00 3,265.83 Procurify 7,637.76 1,909.44 Microsoft Windows Server 7,233.40 2,612.06 brac32 - BCM-ADV-COM-32-63-1YR-R Bright Cluster Manager - Advanced Editi...
Laboratory Equipment. 18 SIEMENS Telecom Innovation Centre Page 2 of 24 May 9, 2000 22 Unisphere Management Center (UMC) Project - Development Project Agreement DPA (001) 4 Employee-Related Expenses...........................................................................18
Laboratory Equipment. All additional equipment deemed mutually necessary for the project, including but not limited to measurement tools, network elements, TMIN components, power supplies, design verification equipment will be funded by Unisphere. This equipment will be purchased by the Party where the particular activity requiring the use of the equipment occurs. Unisphere will retain sole ownership of aforementioned equipment beyond termination of the Development Project.
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