Statewide program definition

Statewide program means the statewide C-PACE financing program sponsored by Virginia Energy, established to provide C-PACE Loans to Property Owners in accordance with the C-PACE Act, this chapter, the Locality Agreement, the C-PACE Documents and the Program Guidelines.
Statewide program means an Associate of Applied Science and/or certificate of completion program which is developed, applied for and continuously monitored by a
Statewide program means the single statewide Crisis Intervention Team Utah

Examples of Statewide program in a sentence

  • If the Secretary determines there is no longer a need for a program to be designated as health occupation shortage or Statewide, the health occupation shortage or Statewide program designation may be discontinued.

  • While the existence of the Statewide program shall be taken into account, the proposed program shall be evaluated on its merits, considering the number of job openings, student demand, and cost.

  • Gen- erally, such exempt subgrants will occur under a State plan which pro- vides for local administration of a State-wide program under State super- vision.§ 3015.111 Cost principles.(a) The cost principles prescribed by subpart T of this part require prior ap- proval of certain types of costs.

  • In specifying these goals and objectives, the department shall consult with the department of safety and professional services and the public service commission and con- sider the water conservation and efficiency goals and objectives developed in any pilot program conducted by the department in cooperation with the regional body.(b) Statewide program.

  • In specifying these goals and objectives, the department shall con- sult with the department of safety and professional services and the public service commission.(b) Statewide program.

  • Statewide program curriculum committees can augment decision making related to admission/selection guidelines.

  • It is a Statewide program with a scope and with criteria for inclusion similar to those used for the NRHP.

  • The purpose of N.J.S.2C:43-12 through N.J.S.2C:43-22 is to effectuate a Statewide program of Pretrial Intervention.

  • The Peer Assistance and Review ("PAR") Program is a State-wide program designed by the State of California to provide assistance and guidance to both new and experienced classroom teachers in order to improve their instructional skills.

  • The Summative Evaluation reported here is an evaluation of the management of the Statewide program delivery system for the 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21CCLC) Program in New York State.

More Definitions of Statewide program

Statewide program means an Associate of Applied Science and/or certificate of completion program which is developed, applied for and continuously monitored by a partnership of colleges to address a specific program need through a cohesive and transferable curriculum among and between participating colleges.
Statewide program means a single statewide crisis intervention team program

Related to Statewide program

  • Managed Care Program means the process that determines Medical Necessity and directs care to the most appropriate setting to provide quality care in a cost-effective manner, including Prior Authorization of certain services.

  • Child Care Program means a person or business that offers child care.

  • Virginia Stormwater Management Program authority or "VSMP authority" means an authority approved by the State Board after September 13, 2011, to operate a Virginia Stormwater Management Program.

  • PACE program means a program implemented by a municipality to stimulate energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in conformity with Act 270.

  • E-Verify Program above means the employment verification program administered by the United States Department of Homeland Security, the Social Security Administration, or any successor program.

  • Non-Administrator Coordinated Home Care Program means a Coordinated Home Care Program which does not have an agreement with the Claim Administrator or a Blue Cross Plan but has been certified as a home health agency in accordance with the guidelines established by Medicare.

  • Virginia Stormwater Management Program or “VSMP” means a program approved by the State Board after September 13, 2011, that has been established by a locality to manage the quality and quantity of runoff resulting from land-disturbing activities and shall include such items as local ordinances, rules, permit requirements, annual standards and specifications, policies and guidelines, technical materials, and requirements for plan review, inspection, enforcement, where authorized in this article, and evaluation consistent with the requirements of this article and associated regulations.

  • Participating Hospice Care Program Provider means a Hospice Care Program Provider that either: (i) has a written agreement with the Claim Administrator or another Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield to provide services to participants in this benefits program, or; (ii) a Hospice Care Program Provider which has been designated by a Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield Plan as a Participating Provider Option program.

  • CMS means the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

  • Quality Assurance Program means the overall quality program and associated activities including the Department’s Quality Assurance, Design-Builder Quality Control, the Contract’s quality requirements for design and construction to assure compliance with Department Specifications and procedures.

  • Basic health plan model plan means a health plan as required in RCW 70.47.060(2)(e).

  • State program means any of the following:

  • Health plan or "health benefit plan" means any policy,

  • MCO means an organization having a certificate of authority or certificate of registration from the 11 Washington State Office of Insurance Commissioner that contracts with HCA under a comprehensive 12 risk contract to provide prepaid health care services to eligible HCA Enrollees under HCA managed 13 care programs.

  • Education program means any program that is principally engaged in the provision of education, including, but not limited to, early childhood education, elementary and secondary education, postsecondary education, special education, job training, career and technical education, and adult education, and any program that is administered by an educational agency or institution.

  • Managed care plan means a health benefit plan that either requires a covered person to use, or creates incentives, including financial incentives, for a covered person to use health care providers managed, owned, under contract with or employed by the health carrier.

  • Paycheck Protection Program means loan program created by Section 1102 of the CARES Act.

  • HCFA means the United States Health Care Financing Administration and any successor thereto.

  • Prescription monitoring program means the electronic system within the Department of Health Professions that monitors the dispensing of certain controlled substances.

  • Approved abuse education training program means a training program using a curriculum approved by the abuse education review panel of the department of public health or a training program offered by a hospital, a professional organization for physicians, or the department of human services, the department of education, an area education agency, a school district, the Iowa law enforcement academy, an Iowa college or university, or a similar state agency.

  • Project Management Plan means the management plan that (i) sets out a high level workplan to describe the manner in which the Design-Builder will manage the Project, including to address related matters such as traffic management and communications, and (ii) is prepared by or for the Design-Builder and submitted to the Owner;

  • Home and community-based services or "HCBS" means Home and Community-Based Services as defined in OAR chapter 411, division 004.

  • Community mental health program means all mental health

  • Nursing program means a series of courses leading to an LPN certificate or an ADN degree provided through a Wyoming community college; or a BSN degree or a Master’s degree provided through the University of Wyoming; or, in the case of a candidate for a doctoral degree, provided through an institution offering the required nursing education courses under contract with the WICHE, or in a distance nursing education program provided through a university that is regionally accredited.

  • Procurement Plan means the Recipient’s procurement plan for the Project, dated April 2, 2010, and referred to in paragraph 1.16 of the Procurement Guidelines and paragraph 1.24 of the Consultant Guidelines, as the same shall be updated from time to time in accordance with the provisions of said paragraphs.

  • Management Plan means a plan to manage the activities and protect the special value or values in an Antarctic Specially Protected Area or an Antarctic Specially Managed Area.