Management activities Sample Clauses

Management activities. Orian Solutions Ltd will pay all salaries and standard employment costs for each individual crossing patrol and recruit any replacements as directed. We will continue to liaise with associated schools to ensure effective communication and information to parents. We will also work closely with schools to make the crossing patrol service sufficiently flexible to accommodate any changes to departure or arrival times for breakfast clubs, after school clubs and special events. However, site reviews, public consultation exercises and traffic surveys will remain the responsibility of the Local Committee and as such, Orian Solutions Ltd will not be involved. Similarly, Orian Solutions Ltd will not be responsible for enforcement of any local parking restrictions or alterations that may be required to the highway, including road markings, hazard warning lights or flashing beacons.
Management activities. The United States has the right to enter the Easement Area to undertake, on a cost-share basis with the Landowner or other entity as determined by the United States, any activities to restore, protect, manage, maintain, enhance, and monitor the wetland and other natural values of the Easement Area. The United States may apply to or impound additional waters, in accordance with State water law, on the Easement Area in order to maintain or improve wetland and other natural values.
Management activities. The Unites States shall have the right to enter unto the easement area to undertake, at its own expense or on a cost-share basis with the Landowner or other entity, any activities (including removal of levees or other hydrologic alteration) to restore, protect, manage, maintain, enhance, and monitor the floodplain and other natural values of the easement area. The United States, at its own cost, may apply to or impound additional waters on the easement area in order to maintain or improve wetland and other natural values.
Management activities. Reimbursement of costs for management activities of the project: the maximum share of the Union contribution which may be charged to the project is 10%.
Management activities. Xxxxxx acknowledges that Weyerhaeuser is managing the Leased Property as a timber plantation and/or for other purposes and that Weyerhaeuser’s right to conduct any of its operations on the Leased Property shall at all times be superior to the rights herein leased. Weyerhaeuser, in its operations, may harvest timber, clear portions of, or all of said land, plant and cultivate timber thereon, construct roads, improve and /or develop the Leased Property for other purposes, and conduct any other activity necessary or convenient in its operations, without restriction and without any liability as to the effect that such operations may have upon the hunting and fishing rights granted herein. Lessee is aware that these operations may take place at any time during the term of this Lease, including hunting season. No refunds or proration will be granted as a result of timber harvesting or other land management activities. All authorized individuals and work crews performing duties for Weyerhaeuser, or its contractors, on such jobs as road maintenance, logging, planting, etc., shall be given free access to the Leased Property at all times to perform their duties. Xxxxxx hereby agrees to not xxxx in areas with active logging or other industrial forestry activities, nor shall Lessee impair, impede or interfere in any way with the conduct of such activities by Weyerhaeuser, or any of its contractors, including, without limitation, interference with log truck ingress /egress to the Leased Property. Failure to comply with this provision may result in immediate termination of this Lease.
Management activities. Status of ESR/ER recruitments at each participant, and relevant issues related to the recruitment strategy/process and gender balance, with justification for any deviation from the original plan. • Effectiveness of networking, communication and decision-making between stakeholders. • Effectiveness of the "training events and conferences": external participation and integration in the training programme. • Effectiveness of the financial management and compliance with Xxxxx Xxxxx salary rates. • IPR management and commercial exploitation of research results.
Management activities. The Parties have developed this Agreement to identify activities the District can implement to promote the conservation and recovery of the Covered Species and Xxxxx’x piperia. The District has implemented several components of habitat restoration and enhancement on the Enrolled Property, such as: installing fencing around several ponds to control the access of cattle and prevent cattle from disturbing sensitive habitat; removing non-native vegetation and replanting with native vegetation within the fenced area; and supporting and maintaining the coastal prairie terrace grasslands. For the purposes of this Agreement, a visitor is any person present within the Enrolled Property for recreational or other purposes not directly affiliated with District activities. For the purposes of this Agreement, a guest is any person present within the Enrolled Property associated with the District or District activities. Beneficial Management Activities These management activities would be beneficial to Covered Species because they would maintain, enhance, and/or restore habitat for Covered Species, and implement other activities that would be beneficial to the conservation and recovery of the Covered Species. Existing habitat for Covered Species will be maintained and enhanced. Additional habitat for Covered Species could be created and restored as resources and funding are available for the District. The completion of habitat restoration activities would result in the enhancement and restoration of habitat for the Covered Species. Implementation of activities to enhance and restore ponds and their associated aquatic, wetland, and adjacent upland habitats would be beneficial to California red-legged frogs and California tiger salamanders, and the creation of additional breeding ponds would be highly beneficial to the populations of these listed species at the Park. Controlling non-native vegetation within the coastal terrace prairie grasslands and supporting an increase in number and distribution of native grasses and shrubs (e.g., seacliff buckwheat and coast buckwheat) would be beneficial to the Xxxxx'x blue butterfly. Maintaining, supporting, and increasing numbers and distribution of Xxxxx’x piperia and its habitat at the Park would be beneficial to Xxxxx’x piperia. Restoration at certain areas of the Enrolled Property will be limited because habitat conditions are already favorable. The District agrees to carry out the following management activities at the Enrolled...
Management activities. In carrying out its obligations under this Agreement, the CFO shall undertake all activities necessary to develop the business of the Company including those activities described in Section 2.01 hereof and including the following: overseeing, coordinating and supervising the preparation and audit of the Company's financial statements, overseeing and supervising the preparation of the Company's financial statement filings in accordance with applicable rules under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and acting as the liaison and contact person for outside counsel and audit staff on all matters concerning the preparation, filing and audit of the Company's financial statements (collectively, the “Services”). The CFO acknowledges that the Company is a reporting issuer under the laws of the United States of America and that any funds received as subscriptions or sales revenues of the Company’s products must be fully accounted for in a manner in accordance with US GAAP. The CFO agrees that he will make all reasonably necessary efforts to ensure that the management of the Company, and the accounting for it, is in accordance with US GAAP principles. The Services will be delivered and performed primarily in Shanghai, PRC and at the Company's offices in Shanghai, PRC.
Management activities. Management activities pursuant to the MSHCP are set forth in Section 8 of the MSHCP. As set forth in Sections 6.1.3 and 8.2.2 of the MSHCP, such activities will be overseen by the RMOC and implemented by the RMUCs, in coordination with the Land Manager and Monitoring Program Administrator.
Management activities. 1.1.1 The Contractor shall undertake the following Management activities: