Program Costs definition

Program Costs means all necessary and incidental costs of providing program services.

Examples of Program Costs in a sentence

  • The Parties agree that each Party Share is intended to, and does, fairly represent the privileges, benefits, and burdens flowing to and imposed upon each such Party, and its respective community, in that each Party Share represents a portion of the City Program Costs that is substantially equal to each City Party’s anticipated use of the aggregate Guest Capacity of the Navigation Center, and associated burdens of the Program carried by Host Cities.

  • As of the Effective Date, the Parties agree that Exhibit “C” represents a reasonable estimate of Program Costs anticipated to be incurred by the Parties in the acquisition of the Navigation Center site and the completion of modifications or capital improvements thereto (Exhibit C(1)), and annually to operate the Navigation Center during the Term (Exhibit C(2)).

  • Grantee is encouraged to earn income to defray Program Costs where appropriate, subject to 2 CFR 200.307.

  • The Parties hereby approve of such Program Costs as the Program Budget, which will govern the Program Treasurer’s allocation of Program Funds to the Parties.

More Definitions of Program Costs

Program Costs means, for any Business Day, the sum of:
Program Costs means any prudently incurred program expenditures, including such items as program planning, program design; administration; delivery; end-use measures and incentive payments; advertising expense; evaluation, measurement, and verification; market potential studies; and work on a statewide technical resource manual.
Program Costs means costs, other than administrative costs, incurred in connection with any or all of the fol- lowing:
Program Costs shall have, with respect to any Series, the meaning specified in the related Supplement for such Series.
Program Costs means those costs described in Article VI of this Agreement.
Program Costs means all necessary and incidental costs of
Program Costs means all documented costs incurred by Licensor prior to the applicable Grant Date in researching or developing the applicable disease indication, as determined in accordance with Licensor’s normal procedures, as accounted for and consistently applied according to U.S. generally accepted accounting principles. Program Costs will include all out-of-pockets costs, time of scientific, technical, or other personnel (which may be billed on a full-time-equivalent basis at Licensor’s normal full-time- equivalent rate, taking into account the reasonable costs of employment of personnel, including salaries and benefits), and reasonable overhead and indirect costs allocated to such disease indication. Costs paid to a Third Party will equal 100% of the amounts invoiced by the Third Party.