Central Government definition

Central Government means the Government of India;
Central Government means Government of India.
Central Government means Government of India unless otherwise stated.

Examples of Central Government in a sentence

  • For the purposes of this clause, the expressions "high pressure" and "medium pressure" shall mean such pressure as the Central Government may, by notification, specify to be high pressure or, as the case may be, medium pressure.

  • The Additional Event of Suspension consists of the following: CGR or any Central Government Entity or Municipality shall have failed to perform any of its respective obligations under the CGR Agreement, or the respective Entity Agreement or Municipal Agreement.

More Definitions of Central Government

Central Government means all administrative departments whose competence extends over the whole territory of a Member State;
Central Government means the Ministry or Department of the Government of India having administrative control of disaster management;
Central Government or “GOI” means the Government of India;
Central Government means the Government of India, acting through the Ministry of Coal.
Central Government means the national governing authority of a country; it includes the departments, ministries and agencies of the central government and the central bank. The U.S. Central Bank includes the 12 Federal Reserve Banks. The definition of central government does not include the fol- lowing: State, provincial, or local govern- ments; commercial enterprises owned by the central government, which are entities en- gaged in activities involving trade, com- merce, or profit that are generally conducted or performed in the private sector of the United States economy; and non-central gov- ernment entities whose obligations are guar- anteed by the central government.
Central Government means all state authorities and institutions administered by state authorities;