Overload Sample Clauses

Overload. A regular employee who works an overload in a given year shall receive no less than either:
Overload a. An annually contracted employee who is assigned duties in excess of the top of the relevant credit unit range specified in Article 6.1, or an employee who receives a summer session assignment with assigned duties in excess of six credit units in a summer session, shall be compensated for excess units at the overload rate specified in Article 25.12. b.
Overload. Overload is defined as a specific assignment, acceptable to the faculty member and approved by the President/designee, occurring within a faculty member’s period of appointment which is in excess of the faculty member’s workload as defined in Article 10 and Article 13.
Overload. Proposed course offerings which cannot be staffed by members with full-time appointments as part of their normal teaching load shall be posted internally, in the departmental office. The Xxxx, in selecting staff for these courses, shall consult the Chair/Director, taking into account the qualifications of the member, his/her teaching and research record, and service to the University. The teaching of overload courses shall not hinder the fulfilment of the member's responsibilities.
Overload. If a professor’s load exceeds the 30 annual LHE, as an extension of their regular assignment, the professor shall be compensated at 18 times the appropriate hourly rate shown in Appendix C for each excess LHE. Contractual overload shall be compensated according to Appendix C.
Overload. (1) With the approval of the appropriate University Vice President, a special overload project may be assigned to an academic support professional which requires the performance of duties in excess of the employee's full-time effort (FTE). It must be identified as a special project and must have a specific beginning and end.
Overload. Overload course assignments shall be handled pursuant to the Overload Compensation Policy as approved by the Board of Trustees effective February 24, 2011 except for the following provisions:
Overload. (1) A teaching professional or a resource professional may be requested to perform duties in excess of the top of the relevant credit unit range specified in Article
Overload. A college professor whose teaching assignment results in an annual fall and winter teaching workload in excess of 8 TLUs shall receive, at his/her discretion, payment as determined by the part-time salary formula in 37.2.2, or workload credit for future release from assigned duties. If an overload is being banked as workload credit for future release from assigned duties then the amount of the overload in TLUs shall be agreed in writing between the employee and the designated supervisor.
Overload a. The University recognizes that to meet its obligations to students, it may sometimes request faculty members to teach a course load in excess of the 36 credit hour teaching load. However, to assure that these teaching overloads do not impinge upon or serve as a detriment to the regular duties of the faculty members, teaching overloads will be of a non-recurring nature and generally will not exceed the equivalent of one (1) four (4) credit course per academic year. Prior approval for overload teaching must be granted by both the Division Chair and the College Xxxx.