Value Added Sample Clauses

Value Added. The second section of the Academic Performance Framework captures the work that schools are doing to add value to their school community or the education system at large. Each school must create a minimum of one Value Added goal. This section can measure the implementation of systems designed to increase program effectiveness, innovative practices and those that are aligned to the school’s mission and vision. These goals will be specifically articulated and measurable and will include implementation timelines.
Value Added refers to the EVAAS (Educational Value-Added Assessment System) Value-Added methodology provided by SAS, Inc., which provides a measure of student progress at the District and school level based on each student’s scores on state issued standardized assessments.
Value Added. Tax at the prevailing rate shall be added to the price of the Goods and Services whether or not stated in the Quotation and/or the Order.
Value Added. ENHANCEMENT These terms replace those of the Value-Added Enhancement section of the Industry Remarketer Attachment. You agree to market Products only to resellers we approve, who market those Products together with their value-added enhancement (which we have previously approved) to End Users (and not to other resellers). You may also market Products to the reseller for their internal use. Such sales do not count towards your Commitment attainment or minimum renewal criteria. Resellers may provide, without their value added enhancement. 1) Products for their internal use, 2) up to 25% of the personal computer system units, including associated features and options, in each transaction, and 3) certain Products we specify to you. In any case, you are still responsible for all your obligations under this Agreement. You agree to collect from the reseller (and provide to us) applicable documentation that we require of resellers. We provide Product support to you tend not to End Users or resellers). We reserve the right to withdraw any reseller's approval.
Value Added. Refers to the value-added methodology prescribed by the Ohio Department of Education, which provides a measure of student progress at the District, school, grade, subject and teacher level based on aggregate student scores from state issued standardized assessments.
Value Added. TAX (a) All consideration payable under a Finance Document by ABB or the Borrowers to a Finance Party shall be deemed to be exclusive of any VAT. If VAT is chargeable on any supply made by any Finance Party to ABB or the Borrowers in connection with a Finance Document, ABB or the Borrowers (as the case may be) shall pay to the Finance Party (in addition to and at the same time as paying the consideration) an amount equal to the amount of the VAT.
Value Added. Upon request, Seller shall promptly furnish all certificates of origin and other information of domestic value added (including costs, materials and places of origin), properly completed in accordance with applicable governmental regulations.
Value Added. Each Construction Project, upon completion and taken as a whole, must enhance the value of the Leased Property by an amount commensurate with the Construction Advances made for such Construction Project, and no Construction Project may significantly reduce the fair market value of the Property; however:
Value Added. Customer warrants and represents that the Products purchased hereunder are for use and resale by Customer as part of, or as accessories to, equipment manufactured or assembled by Customer, or are modified by Customer so as to change the Products normal functionality from that Product as sold to Customer by Oki Data.
Value Added. Tax on the Rent, or any tax that comes in its stead, or any tax which, according to the law that imposes it, applies it to the Tenant, at the rate that shall apply from time to time according to the law, shall be the obligation of the Tenant and shall be paid by it by post-dated check dated the date of the payment of the VAT to the tax authorities with each payment on account of the rent in return for a tax receipt as provided by law. Any tax and/or impost which, according to the law that imposes it, applies it to the Landlord and/or on the owner of the Demised Premises, shall be paid by the Landlord and shall not influence the level of the Rent and its manner of payment.