Immovable Property Sample Clauses

Immovable Property. (1) Income from immovable property may be taxed in the Contracting State in which such property is situated.
Immovable Property. Enter into any acquisitions or leases of immovable property, including new leases and lease extensions; or
Immovable Property. All of the property described below, together with any and all buildings, improvements, structures, other constructions or fixtures located therein or thereon and any and all rights, ways, privileges, servitudes, appurtenances, advantages, riparian rights, alluvion and accretions, appertaining or in anywise belonging thereto including, without limitation, any portion of such land lying within the right-of-way of any publicly dedicated street, roadway, or alleyway (collectively, the “Immovable Property”): Legal Description: Street Address:
Immovable Property. The Group owns no immovable property.
Immovable Property. All present and future immovable property of the Grantor, and all rights of the Grantor in any immovable property, together with all property which may be or become incorporated therewith or permanently physically attached or joined thereto so as to ensure the utility thereof or which is used by the Grantor for the operation of its enterprise or the pursuit of its activities (including heating and air conditioning apparatus and watertanks) and all other property which becomes immovable by the effect of law, including by way of accession, and all real rights relating to or attaching to such immovable property (collectively, the “Immovables”).
Immovable Property. Article 22
Immovable Property. The Grantor has no interest in, or title to, any immovable or real property.
Immovable Property. Section 3.8 of the Disclosure Schedule lists all real property owned by the Company and XXX Group Companies (“Owned Real Property”). Section 3.8 of the Disclosure Schedule also lists all real property leased from or to a third party by the Company or any XXX Group Companies (“Leased Real Property”). Except as set forth on Section 3.8 of the Disclosure Schedule, the Company or one of the XXX Group Companies has a valid and subsisting title to all Owned Real Property and/or has a valid and subsisting leasehold estate in, and enjoys peaceful and undisturbed possession of, all Leased Real Property, subject only to any (i) Permitted Encumbrance, and (ii) except where the failure to have such interests or possession would not, individually or in the aggregate, reasonably be expected to materially impair the Company or the XXX Group Companies use of such parcel of Owned or Leased Real Property for the uses for which it is currently intended.
Immovable Property. Immovable property (including property accessory to immovable property) shall be liable to succession duty only in the Contracting State in which it is situated; equipment or livestock used in agriculture or forestry shall be dutiable only in the Contracting State in which the agricultural or forestry enterprise is situated.
Immovable Property. (a) Neither Europe nor any Acquired Entity owns any real or immovable property except as listed in the CK Witco Disclosure Memorandum. The relevant CK Witco Entity is lawfully occupying and using the Leased Real Property. Europe and each Acquired Entity is lawfully occupying and using each parcel of real or immovable property used in its business (each such parcel of real or immovable property together with the Leased Real Property being sometimes referred to herein as the "Immovable Property").