Specific Terms definition

Specific Terms in relation to a Loan means the specific terms applicable to that Loan as set out in the document entitled ‘Specific Terms’ related to that Loan;
Specific Terms. The terms and conditions as set out in clause 34 onwards which apply in respect of the specific Equipment hired by the Customer.
Specific Terms means the Specific Terms and Conditions for SaaS Service or any other Specific Terms and Conditions may be agreed or accepted by the Customer.

Examples of Specific Terms in a sentence

  • Consignees/Reporting Officer and Quantity S.No.Consignee/Reporti ng Officer Buyer Added Bid Specific Terms and Conditions1.

  • Failure to adhere to the General Terms and Conditions as well as the Program Specific Terms and Conditions may result in the termination of the grant or the initiation of administrative action.

  • Buyer Added text based ATC clauses Buyer Added Bid Specific Terms and Conditions AS Per GeM T&C 1.

  • You agree to use the Service for lawful purposes only, and in accordance with the Specific Terms and Conditions for M1 Home Broadband Service, the M1 General Terms and Conditions and all applicable rules.

  • In case of inconsistencies between the General Terms of Use and any Specific Terms, the latter will prevail with respect to the appropriate Services and in the limits of the conflict.

More Definitions of Specific Terms

Specific Terms means collectively, the Custody Terms, the Securities Terms, the Product Terms, the Fund Investments Terms and the Gold Bullion Terms and any other specific terms covering any Investment, Transaction and/or Service made available by us from time to time.
Specific Terms is defined in the definition of “Agreement” in this Schedule.
Specific Terms. Unless the context otherwise requires, references in the Intercompany Loan Terms and Conditions to:
Specific Terms means and refers to any separate terms agreed between you and RBCIS as governing a specific product or service, including but not limited to the Securities Lending Agency Agreement and the Custody Agreement;
Specific Terms means the terms contained in Part B of this Agreement.
Specific Terms means specific conditions which may be applicable to the respective Banking Accounts with special features as set forth in the specific application forms and/or brochures and/or other related documents;
Specific Terms means, in respect of the provision of the Deliverables and Services outlined herein, the terms and conditions in this Schedule D, and the General Terms shall be construed accordingly;