Energy Consumption definition

Energy Consumption means the amount of electrical energy and demand, natural gas, oil, propane or other fuel consumed in a facility in any billing period. It also applies to utility services, such as water and sewer, which require energy to be consumed to supply the services to the facility.
Energy Consumption means the amount and energy content of each energy type that an entity consumes;
Energy Consumption for a period means the total number of equivalent Gigajoules of Energy actually consumed at the Facility during that period;

Examples of Energy Consumption in a sentence

  • Necessary data to determine energy use baselines for the building sector, including building stock data and Energy Use Index (EUI) or Specific Energy Consumption (SEC), is not available in PNG.

  • Energy Information Administration, 2003 Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey, 2006, table E5A.

  • Prediction of Operational Energy Consumption The main contractor shall undertake additional energy modelling during the design and post- construction stage to generate predicted operational energy consumption figures and report predicted energy consumption targets by end use, design assumptions and input data (with justifications).

  • Deshmukh S.V., Patil S.G.Mathematical relationship between dependent and independent parameters of operators working on rock drill machine by dimensional analysisIndependent Variables, Dependent Variables, Rock Drill Operators, Productivity, Human Energy Consumption, Dimensional Analysis.53, 2, 1-17Deshmukh S.V., Patil S.G. (2016).

  • Source: US Energy Information Administration, 2009 Residential Energy Consumption Survey.

More Definitions of Energy Consumption

Energy Consumption for a period means the total amount of Energy consumed at the New Facility during that period, expressed in Gj as reflected by the readings for the metered utilities and as calibrated by the Independent Energy Consultant;
Energy Consumption means the annual actual or projected metered energy (kWh) consumption of Distributor that is generated by a PPA or other generation asset owned or controlled by TVA.
Energy Consumption has the meaning set out in Appendix 2D [Energy]; “Energy Consumption by Area” has the meaning set out in Appendix 2D [Energy]; “Environmental Credit” has the meaning set out in Appendix 2D [Energy];
Energy Consumption for a period means the Gigajoules of Energy consumed at the Schools during that period including all energy consumed as a result of the construction, operation and maintenance of all Relocatable Classrooms during the Test Period;
Energy Consumption means the energy used to produce a metric tonne of sanitary paper, including the production of wood chips, major process chemicals, the net energy consumption at pulp and paper mills (energy purchased and generated less sales), and off-site treatment facilities. It excludes energy consumed in mining and forestry operations, all transportation energy, and that portion of the energy derived from combustion of biomass (bark, sawdust, etc.).
Energy Consumption means the consumption of an energy source.
Energy Consumption has the meaning set out in Appendix 8C [Energy]; “Energy Dashboard” has the meaning set out in Appendix 8C [Energy]; “Energy Gainshare” has the meaning set out in Appendix 8C [Energy];