Installations Sample Clauses

Installations. 2.1. This test shall be conducted either with the complete REESS or with related REESS subsystem(s) including the cells and their electrical connections. If the manufacturer chooses to test with related subsystem(s), the manufacturer shall demonstrate that the test result can reasonably represent the performance of the complete REESS with respect to its safety performance under the same conditions. If the electronic management unit for the REESS is not integrated in the casing enclosing the cells, then the electronic management unit may be omitted from installation on the tested-device if so requested by the manufacturer. Where the relevant REESS subsystems are distributed throughout the vehicle, the test may be conducted on each relevant of the REESS subsystem.
Installations. Any installations of Electric Metering Equipment required pursuant to this Agreement shall be scheduled by the Seller; provided, however, that no installation which shall or could affect deliveries of Net Energy shall be made without the prior written consent of Buyer, which shall not be unreasonably withheld. Any installations of check meters by Buyer shall be scheduled by Buyer; provided, however that the installation shall not unreasonably interfere with the operation and maintenance of the Facility by the Seller.
Installations. This test shall be conducted, under standard operating conditions, either with a complete vehicle or with the complete REESS. Ancillary systems that do not influence the test results may be omitted from the Tested-Device. The test may be performed with a modified Tested-Device provided these modifications shall not influence the test results.
Installations. Any installations, maintenance, repair, inspections, cleaning, changing, testing or calibration of Electric Metering Equipment and Gas Metering Equipment shall be scheduled by Seller; provided, however, that installation, maintenance, repair, inspections, cleaning, changing, testing or calibration which will or could affect deliveries of natural gas or Energy shall not be made without the prior written consent of Buyer, which shall not be unreasonably withheld, and shall be scheduled to the extent possible and consistent with CAISO Requirements to coincide with periods of outages of the Unit.
Installations. Including acceptance and compliance with the minimum performance capabilities, PSI will complete as soon as practical but to occur no later than (i) 45 days after receipt of order by PSI and (ii) three business days following IXC or LEC provisioning of circuits pursuant to an assignment of customer addresses by InterNIC (which assignment will be requested promptly by PSI following receipt of order). In cases in which new circuits do not need to be provisioned in connection with a new installation, new customers may be given a shorter committed date for completion of installations.
Installations. No Owner shall cut, maim, alter, affix, interfere with, damage or in any other way affect or permit or suffer to be cut, maimed, altered, affixed, interfered with, damaged or in any other way affected any pipes, valves, ducts, lightning conductors, communal television and radio aerial system, fixtures or any other installation provided in the Building or any part of the Common Areas and Facilities.
Installations. (a) Contractor shall be fully prepared to perform and complete all assigned, scheduled Fulfillment Service appointments on the scheduled date and within the scheduled appointment window, even if Contractor is unable to confirm such appointment with the DIRECTV customer. If a DIRECTV customer is not at the premises at the time of a scheduled appointment, Contractor shall leave a missed appointment door hanger, which shall be provided at Contractor’s sole expense and such door hanger shall contain Contractor’s name and phone number and such other information as requested by DIRECTV. Such door hanger must be pre-approved in writing by DIRECTV in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
Installations. Tenant shall at Tenant's expense furnish and install all fixtures, equipment and furnishings, and all electric wiring and fixtures needed in addition to those now installed in the Leased Property. Any fixtures or other equipment furnished by Tenant which can be seen from the outside of the Leased Property shall be of such type and quality and so located as to present a sightly appearance from the outside and shall require the prior written approval of Landlord. Tenant shall at Tenant's expenses furnish and install any equipment or furnishings, within the Leased Property, necessary to maintain compliance with fire and safety codes or the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities.