All Regular Full Sample Clauses

All Regular Full. Time Employees shall accumulate sick leave entitlement at the rate of one and one-quarter days for each month worked. All regular Part-Time Employees shall receive sick leave on a proportionate basis.
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All Regular Full. Time Employees hired in a full-time position between the beginning of payroll period fourteen (14) and the end of payroll period twenty-six (26) of any year shall be entitled to eight (8) hours paid personal leave to be taken by the end of the year that it was earned. The time off will be mutually agreed to between the employee and the supervisor; there shall be no carry-over to the following payroll year. Subsequent year’s entitlements will be sixteen
All Regular Full. Time Employees shall be entitled to receive a days’ pay for the following Named Holidays: New Year's Day Labour Day Alberta Family Day Thanksgiving Day Good Friday Remembrance Day Victoria Day Christmas Day Canada Day Boxing Day any day proclaimed to be a holiday by:

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  • Canceling Dependent Coverage During Open Enrollment In addition to the above situations, dependent health or dependent dental coverage may also be cancelled for any reason during the open enrollment period that applies to each type of plan (as long as allowed under the applicable provisions, regulations and rules of the federal and state law in effect at the beginning of the plan year).

  • Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA Subrecipient shall comply with the requirements of 2 CFR part 25 Universal Identifier and System for Award Management (XXX). Subrecipient must have an active registration in XXX, xxxxx:// in accordance with 2 CFR part 25, appendix A, and must have a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number xxxxx:// Subrecipient must also comply with provisions of the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act, which includes requirements on executive compensation, 2 CFR part 170 Reporting Subaward and Executive Compensation Information.

  • Foreign Assets Control Regulations, Etc (a) Neither the sale of the Notes by the Company hereunder nor its use of the proceeds thereof will violate the Trading with the Enemy Act, as amended, or any of the foreign assets control regulations of the United States Treasury Department (31 CFR, Subtitle B, Chapter V, as amended) or any enabling legislation or executive order relating thereto.

  • Health Care Accountability Ordinance If Administrative Code Chapter 12Q applies to this contract, Contractor shall comply with the requirements of Chapter 12Q. For each Covered Employee, Contractor shall provide the appropriate health benefit set forth in Section 12Q.3 of the HCAO. If Contractor chooses to offer the health plan option, such health plan shall meet the minimum standards set forth by the San Francisco Health Commission. Information about and the text of the Chapter 12Q, as well as the Health Commission’s minimum standards, is available on the web at xxxx:// Contractor is subject to the enforcement and penalty provisions in Chapter 12Q. Any Subcontract entered into by Contractor shall require any Subcontractor with 20 or more employees to comply with the requirements of the HCAO and shall contain contractual obligations substantially the same as those set forth in this Section.

  • LEAVE FOR REGULATORY BUSINESS AS PER THE TEACHERS’ ACT 1. Upon written request to the Superintendent or designate from the Ministry of Education, an employee who is appointed or elected to the BC Teachers’ Council or appointed to the Disciplinary or Professional Conduct Board shall be entitled to a leave of absence with pay and shall be deemed to be in the full employ of the board as defined in Article G.6.1.b.

  • Domestic Regulation 1. In sectors where specific commitments are undertaken, each Party shall ensure that all measures of general application affecting trade in services are administered in a reasonable, objective and impartial manner.

  • FEDERAL ACQUISITION REGULATION CONTRACT CLAUSES IN FULL TEXT 52.211-15 DEFENSE PRIORITY AND ALLOCATION REQUIREMENTS (APR 2008) This is a rated order certified for national defense, emergency preparedness, and energy program use, and the Contractor shall follow all the requirements of the Defense Priorities and Allocations System regulation (15 CFR 700).

  • Foreign Assets Control Regulations Neither the borrowing by the Borrower hereunder nor its use of the proceeds thereof will violate the Foreign Assets Control Regulations, the Cuban Assets Control Regulations or the Iranian Assets Control Regulations of the United States Treasury Department (31 CFR Subtitle B, Chapter V) or any similar law or regulation.

  • Preference for Domestically Manufactured Goods The provisions of paragraphs 2.54 and 2.55 of the Guidelines and Appendix 2 thereto shall apply to goods manufactured in the territory of the Borrower.

  • CRIMINAL/CIVIL SANCTIONS 1. Each officer or employee of any person to whom returns or return information is or may be disclosed will be notified in writing by such person that returns or return information disclosed to such officer or employee can be used only for a purpose and to the extent authorized herein, and that further disclosure of any such returns or return information for a purpose or to an extent unauthorized herein constitutes a felony punishable upon conviction by a fine of as much as $5,000 or imprisonment for as long as 5 years, or both, together with the costs of prosecution. Such person shall also notify each such officer and employee that any such unauthorized further disclosure of returns or return information may also result in an award of civil damages against the officer or employee in an amount not less than $1,000 with respect to each instance of unauthorized disclosure. These penalties are prescribed by IRC sections 7213 and 7431 and set forth at 26 CFR 301.6103(n)-1.