Information to the Union Sample Clauses

Information to the Union. 9.01 The Employer will forward to the Secretary of the Union at least once a month, the name, address and telephone number of all newly-hired employees who will be included in the bargaining unit. The Employer further agrees to inform the Union of the name of any employee in the bargaining unit leaving the employ of the Employer.
Information to the Union. 20.1 The parties acknowledge that they are subject to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act with respect to personal information that is exchanged by the parties. Information provided to the Union is done so for the purpose of enforcing the terms and conditions of the Collective Agreement.
Information to the Union. The University shall continue the practice of providing the Union with a copy of each layoff notice sent to supervisors. The notice shall be provided to the Union within 24 business hours of service of the notice to the individual supervisor. In the event that five or more supervisors are laid off within a pay period on campus, the University shall, upon notification to the Union of the names and job titles of the supervisor affected by the layoff, provide the Union with an up to date seniority list of the affected departments and job titles.
Information to the Union. 8.01 The University shall send to the Union:
Information to the Union. Documents, including but not limited to the following, shall be either furnished to the Union President or posted on the District’s website, as they are received, completed, or compiled:
Information to the Union. A. The aggregate deduction of all bargaining unit employees and a list of the names, job classification, and unique identifier or tracking number of all employees in these bargaining units and their individual deductions shall be remitted semi-monthly to the Union at the address designated in writing to the Employer by the Union. The information shall be provided in both paper and electronic form. The Union shall advise the Employer of any increase in deductions in writing at least fifteen (15) days prior to its effective date.