Licensed Intellectual Property Sample Clauses

Licensed Intellectual Property. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement (including the reservation of rights in Sections 4.8 and 5.4, and the payment by Celgene of all amounts as and when such amounts become due and payable under this Agreement), GlobeImmune hereby grants to Celgene and its Affiliates the exclusive (even as to GlobeImmune and its Affiliates), worldwide, nontransferable (except as provided in Section 13.4) license, with the right to grant sublicenses solely in accordance with Section 5.2, under the Licensed Intellectual Property, to use, sell, offer to sell, import, make and have made (in accordance with Section 4.8), and otherwise Develop, Commercialize or manufacture (in accordance with Section 4.8) any Celgene Development Compound and any Licensed Product containing any such Celgene Development Compound, during the Term, in the Territory in the Field, such license to be effective upon Celgene’s exercise of a Celgene Program Option for the Collaboration Compound corresponding to such Celgene Development Compound in accordance with the terms of this Agreement; provided that GlobeImmune reserves the right to make and have made Celgene Development Compound(s) and Licensed Product(s) solely to perform its obligations under Section 4.8.
Licensed Intellectual Property. The Licensed Intellectual Property constitutes all of the intellectual property owned or controlled by Coleman that would, but for the rights granted to Anterios pursuant to this Agreement, be infringed or misappropriated by the exercise by Anterios of its rights under this Agreement.
Licensed Intellectual Property. 7.1.1 CIMYM hereby grants to Oncoscience, subject to the provisions of this Agreement:
Licensed Intellectual Property. Borrower does not possess any licenses of Intellectual Property other than (i) as set forth on Schedule 9.19, and (ii) readily available, non-negotiated licenses of computer software and other intellectual property used solely for performing accounting, word processing and similar administrative tasks.
Licensed Intellectual Property. “Licensed Intellectual Property” shall mean the Intellectual Property set forth on Schedule A, as it may be from time to time amended and updated as set forth herein.
Licensed Intellectual Property. Priveco is the licensee of various patents, trademarks and copyrights, all of which are set forth in Schedule 5.
Licensed Intellectual Property. Section 3.17(h)(vi)...................................29
Licensed Intellectual Property. Each Party licensing any Intellectual Property Rights (a “Licensor”) to any other Party hereunder (a “Licensee”) represents and warrants to each such Licensee that: (a) it has the full right, title and authority to grant to Licensee the licenses granted hereunder; and (b) to the best of the Licensor’s knowledge and except as otherwise disclosed to the Licensee, all such licensed Patent Rights existing as of the Effective Date are valid and enforceable, and all patents, if any, issuing on any of the pending patent applications of the Patent Rights existing as of the Effective Date will be valid and enforceable.