Minority Interest Sample Clauses

Minority Interest. In July 1997, ATI entered into a collaboration agreement with BioChem. The agreement grants BioChem an exclusive, worldwide license to ATI's proprietary screens based on two families of proteins involved in apoptosis, for use in identifying leads for anti-cancer drug development. The agreement also covers the subsequent development of new screens in two defined areas. Under the agreement, BioChem will invest a total of $11.1 million in non-voting, non-dividend-bearing convertible preferred stock of ATI in a series of private placements over a three-year period to be used exclusively to fund research conducted under the collaboration during the three-year research term. As of June 30, 1998, $4,381,000 had been received and $843,000 remains outstanding as due from related party. The $5.9 million balance of the investment, exclusive of the $843,000 quarterly payment outstanding, will be paid in equal quarterly payments of $843,000. The preferred stock is convertible into ATI common stock at any time after three years from the date of first issuance of the stock, at a conversion price equal to the then current market price of the ATI common stock, but in any event at a price that will result in BioChem acquiring at least 15% of the then outstanding ATI common stock for its $11.1 million investment. As of June 30, 1998, 5,224 shares of ATI preferred stock were issued or issuable, representing a 7.04% minority interest (on a converted and fully-diluted basis) in the net loss of ATI. This minority interest portion of ATI's loss for the year reduced ImmunoGen's net loss by $159,524. In addition, because the investment is comprised of securities potentially issuable by both the Company and ATI, only a portion of which has been deemed allocable to the ATI securities, the Company has reflected the value of the investment allocable to the ATI securities as a minority interest on its balance sheet. Based upon an independent appraisal, approximately 3% of the $5.2 million invested to date, or approximately $157,000, has been allocated to minority interest in ATI, with the remainder, or approximately $5.1 million, allocated to the Company's equity. The research agreement may be extended beyond the initial three-year term, on terms substantially similar to those for the original term. BioChem will also make milestone payments up to $15.0 million for each product over the course of its development. In addition, if and when product sales commence, ATI will receive royalties...
Minority Interest. Premenos shall use its reasonable best efforts to effectuate the share exchanges with the stockholders of Premenos Corp. as set forth in the Premenos Disclosure Letter as quickly as reasonably practicable, and such share exchanges shall become effective and there shall be no further minority interests in Premenos Corp. on the Closing Date. ARTICLE 6
Minority Interest. As to any Person, an ownership or other equity investment in any other Person, which investment is not consolidated with the accounts of such Person in accordance with GAAP. Mortgages. Collectively, the mortgage(s) granted to Agent, on behalf of the Lenders, on any of the Borrowing Base Properties, as may be required hereunder. Multiemployer Plan. Any multiemployer plan within the meaning of §3(37) of ERISA maintained or contributed to by the Borrower or any ERISA Affiliate.
Minority Interest. In December 2007, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued new guidance which establishes accounting and reporting standards for ownership interests in subsidiaries held by parties other than the parent, the amount of consolidated net income (loss) attributable to the parent and to the noncontrolling interests, changes in a parent’s ownership interest and the valuation of retained noncontrolling equity investments when a subsidiary is deconsolidated. This guidance requires that the noncontrolling interest continue to be attributed its share of losses even if that attribution results in a deficit. CHINA NUVO SOLAR ENERGY, INC. AND SUBSIDIARIES NOTES TO CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS THE YEARS ENDED JULY 31, 2010 AND 2009
Minority Interest. As to any Person, an ownership or other equity investment in any other Person, which investment is not consolidated with the accounts of such Person in accordance with GAAP.
Minority Interest. The Owner is the exclusive legal and equitable owner of, and has good title to, the Minority Interest, free and clear of any claims, liens, encumbrances, pledges or security interests of any sort. There are no outstanding restrictions, options, contracts, calls, commitments or demands of any nature relating to the Owner’s Interest.
Minority Interest. Minority interest represents the minority shareholders' proportionate share of the equity of Lancer and AIT. At May 31, 1999, Biomerica owned 30.76% of Lancer (see Note 3) and 74.6% of AIT (see Note 3). FS-18 BIOMERICA, INC. AND SUBSIDIARIES NOTES TO CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS YEARS ENDED MAY 31, 1999 AND 1998 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Minority Interest. Minority interest is $5.3 million for the period from December 24, 1998 through December 31, 1998 and $572.6 million for the year ended December 31, 1999. The minority interest represents the ownership in Charter Communications Holding Company by entities other than Charter Communications, Inc. For financial reporting purposes, 50,000 of the membership units Charter Communications Holding Company previously issued to companies controlled by Xx. Xxxxx are considered held by Charter Communications, Inc. since December 24, 1998. NET LOSS. Net loss increased by $49.0 million, from $17.2 million for the period from January 1, 1998 through December 23, 1998 to $66.2 million in 1999. The increase in revenues that resulted from the acquisitions of CCA Group, CharterComm Holdings and Marcus Holdings was not sufficient to offset the operating expenses associated with the acquired systems. LIQUIDITY AND CAPITAL RESOURCES Our business requires significant cash to fund acquisitions, capital expenditures, debt service costs and ongoing operations. We have historically funded and expect to fund future liquidity and capital requirements through cash flows from operations, borrowings under our credit facilities and debt and equity transactions. Our cash flows from operating activities were $1.1 billion, $479.9 million and $22.6 million in 2000, 1999 and 1998, respectively. As of December 31, 2000, we have availability of $805.6 million under our bank credit facilities. Since January 1, 1999, we have incurred significant additional debt to fund our capital expenditures and growth through acquisition. Our significant amount of debt may adversely affect our ability to obtain financing in the future and react to changes in our business. We anticipate incurring substantial additional debt in the future. Our credit facilities and other debt instruments contain various financial and operating covenants that could adversely impact our ability to operate our business, including restrictions on the ability of our operating subsidiaries to distribute cash to their parents. See "-- Certain Trends and Uncertainties -- Restrictive Covenants" for further information. CAPITAL EXPENDITURES We have substantial ongoing capital expenditure requirements. We make capital expenditures primarily to upgrade, rebuild and expand our cable systems, as well as for system maintenance, the development of new products and services, and set-top terminals. Upgrading our cable systems will enable us to offe...
Minority Interest. Minority interest represents PepsiCo's 7% ownership in our principal operating subsidiary, Bottling Group, LLC. The growth in minority interest expense over the last three years is due to higher Bottling Group, LLC earnings over the same periods. INCOME TAX EXPENSE BEFORE RATE CHANGE Our full-year effective tax rate for 2001 was 36.5% before our income tax rate change benefit. This rate corresponds to an effective tax rate of 37.0% in 2000. The one-half point decrease is primarily due to the reduced impact of fixed non-deductible expenses on higher anticipated pre-tax income in 2001, partially offset by the decreased favorable impact of our foreign results. Our full-year effective tax rate for 2000 was 37.0%, compared to 37.4% in 1999. Our effective tax rate, excluding unusual impairment and other charges and credits, would have been 37.0% and
Minority Interest. The Navimax Pool, an association of three participants, was created for purposes of trading operating vessels owned and/or chartered by the Pool's participants, as well as, to charter and trade with third parties under freight contracts. In 2003 Xxxxxx (predecessor) liquidated the third participant's interest in the Navimax Pool based on a mutual agreement. This liquidation was carried out on March 11, 2003 by distributing to the third participant, its remaining monetary value of pool interests as there were no other assets or liabilities. NOTE 20: SEGMENT INFORMATION The Company has two reportable segments from which it derives its revenues: Vessel Operations and Port Terminal. The reportable segments reflect the internal organization of the Company and are strategic businesses that offer different products and services. The Vessel Operations business consists of transportation and handling of bulk cargoes through ownership, operation, and trading of vessels, freight, and forward freight agreements. The Port Terminal business consists of operating a port and transfer station terminal. The Company measures segment performance based on net income. Inter-segment sales and transfers are not significant and have been eliminated and are not included in the following table. VESSEL OPERATIONS PORT TERMINAL TOTAL ----------------- ------------- ----- SUCCESSOR PREDECESSOR SUCCESSOR PREDECESSOR SUCCESSOR PREDECESSOR --------- ----------- --------- ----------- --------- ----------- AUGUST 26, 2005 JANUARY 1, 2005 AUGUST 26, 2005 JANUARY 1, 2005 AUGUST 26, 2005 JANUARY 1, 2005 --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- TO TO TO TO TO TO -- -- -- -- -- -- DECEMBER 31, AUGUST 25, DECEMBER 31, AUGUST 25, DECEMBER 31, AUGUST, 25, ---------------- ----------- ------------- -------------- ------------- -------------- 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- Revenue $ 74,296 152,668 $ 2,080 5,962 $ 76,376 158,630 Gain (loss) on forward freight agreements (2,766) 2,869 - - (2,766) 2,869 Interest income 1,162 1,349 1 1 1,163 1,350 Interest expense (11,892) (1,677) - - (11,892) (1,677) Depreciation and amortization (13,016) (3,391) (566) (481) (13,582) (3,872) Equity in net income of affiliated companies 285 788 - - 285 788 Net income $ 1,856 48,517 305 2,820 2,161 51,337 ================= =============== ================= ================ ================================= Total assets 715,996 256,867 73,3...