Parcel of land definition

Parcel of land means the aggregate of one or more areas of land described in a certificate of title or described in a certificate of title by reference to a plan filed or registered in a land titles office;
Parcel of land means the whole area of land that —
Parcel of land means any quantity of land capable of being described with such definiteness that its locations and boundaries may be established, which is designated by its owner or developer as land to be used, or developed as, a unit or which has been used or developed as a unit.

Examples of Parcel of land in a sentence

  • The principal Building on any Lot or Parcel of land shall be erected within the area bound by the required Setbacks.

  • A single Group R, Division 3 dwelling on a Parcel of land of 5 acres or more in size where no Building is closer than 100 feet to the nearest Building on any adjacent Parcel.

  • ALSO EXCEPTING THEREFROM the Parcel of land described in the Deed from Dick Nishi, et ai, to the State of California , dated March 4, 1971, recorded July 16, 1971 in Book 1696 of Solano County Official Records at Page 213, Instrument No. 14144.

  • EXCEPTING THEREFROM that portion lying within the Parcel of land described in the Deed from Ellis Nishi, et ai, to the State of California , dated December 18, 1959, recorded February 19, 1960 in Book 1015 of Solano County Official Records at Page 379, Instrument No. 3306.

  • Parcel of landParcel of land or parcel shall mean an area of land as defined by distinct boundaries.

More Definitions of Parcel of land

Parcel of land means a lot, parcel, block or other tract of land that is occupied or may be occupied by a structure or structures or other use, and that includes the yards and other open spaces required under the zoning, subdivision, or other development ordinances.
Parcel of land means one piece of real property as identified by the county assessor's parcel number (APN) that is one contiguous parcel of real property, which is used to identify real property, its boundaries, and all the rights contained therein.
Parcel of land means an area of land described in an instrument by which the title to an interest in land is or was established or an area of land shown on a plan and includes a public highway or any part thereof. (as defined in the Boundaries Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. B.10)
Parcel of land means that portion of a tract of land which is benefited by the abatement or diminution of flood conditions.
Parcel of land means a lot or block within a registered plan of subdivision or any land that may be legally conveyed under the exemption provided in clause 50 (3) (b) or clause 50 (5) (a). (“parcelle de terrain”) R.S.O. 1990, c. P.13, s. 46 (1);
Parcel of land means a property identified as such on the assessment roll. For purposes of chapter 84.34 RCW and this WAC chap- ter, a parcel does not include any land area not owned by the appli- cant including, but not limited to, a public road, right of way, rail- road, or waterway.
Parcel of land means a parcel of land as defined in the Municipal Government Act.