Minority Interests Sample Clauses

Minority Interests. When two or more AACS Founders, Adopters, Content Providers, Fellow Content Participants and/or AACS Online Service Providers each have an ownership interest in a third party, where and only so long as each such Founder, Adopter, Fellow Content Participant, Content Provider and/or AACS Online Service Provider owns a voting interest in ownership interests or securities of at least twenty percent (20%) and in aggregate between them own a voting interest in ownership interests or securities of more than fifty percent (50%), then each such Founder, Adopter, Fellow Content Participant, Content Provider and/or AACS Online Service Provider (a “Joint Owner”) shall be considered a Joint Owner of such third party (a “Jointly Owned Party”). Each Joint Owner, with respect to a Jointly Owned Party, shall have the following obligations:
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Minority Interests. Prior to the Harbor Contribution, Harbor shall use its reasonable best efforts to acquire, or cause the applicable member of the Harbor Group, as the case may be, to acquire, all of the outstanding Spinco Minority Interest Shares owned by the JV Minority Shareholders, in exchange for, in the sole discretion of Harbor, cash and/or shares of Spinco Common Stock (the number of such shares issued to the JV Minority Shareholders, the “JV Minority Spinco Share Number”). If Harbor shall be unable to acquire any of such Spinco Minority Interest Shares, they shall remain outstanding.
Minority Interests. All Consolidated Affiliates of Borrower having minority interests are set forth on Schedule 6.20 (as supplemented from time to time).
Minority Interests. The Company shall have acquired for no consideration the equity interests in its Subsidiaries held by each of the Persons listed in Section 4.16 of the Company Disclosure Letter, in each case on terms and conditions satisfactory to the Purchaser, acting reasonably.
Minority Interests. Except as set forth in Section 5.5 of the Company Disclosure Schedule, as of the date hereof, neither the Company nor any of its Subsidiaries owns any capital stock or other equity interests (or any securities convertible into or exercisable or exchangeable for, or option or other rights to acquire, any capital stock or other equity interest in) any other Person.
Minority Interests. Other than the OTR Minority Interest, the Borrower owns no other minority interests in partnerships, joint ventures, corporations or other entities.
Minority Interests. Except for the Persons identified in Schedule 11.1(e) holding the interests in the Yelmo Group Companies identified on that Schedule, no Person other than RE shall have an equity interest in any Yelmo Group Company and LTM shall have received evidence to that effect satisfactory to it.
Minority Interests. The parties hereto acknowledge and agree that the Contributor does not own all of the membership interests of the Company, and that the payoff of any indebtedness of the Company, and the return and replenishment of the reserve accounts as set forth above shall take the same into account.
Minority Interests. An adjustment will be included within the Working Capital Statement to remove the value of all minority interests included within the Working Capital. For the avoidance of doubt, this paragraph does not refer to either Nederlander Dominion Limited or the CCL Group. SCHEDULE 7 PART 1 PENSION WARRANTIES
Minority Interests. 28 6.21 Year 2000 Compliance.......................................................... 28