Transfer station definition

Transfer station means a facility created to receive solid waste from collection areas and transport in bulk in covered vehicles or containers to waste processing and, or, disposal facilities ;
Transfer station means any place, premises, or establishment where milk or milk products are transferred directly from 1 milk tank truck to another.
Transfer station means any solid waste storage or collection facility at which solid waste is transferred from collection vehicles to haulage vehicles for transportation to a central solid waste management facility for disposal, incineration or resource recovery.

Examples of Transfer station in a sentence

  • If budgets are combined, please attempt to allocate costs proportionately.Landfill Budget: $Transfer Station Budget: $ Yard Waste / Compost Facility Budget: $ Recycling Facility Budget: $ Part VIII.

  • The supplier shall operate the Transfer Station as permitted by State Law and the Permits, and to the extent permitted by the Permits applicable Law and Interpretations of hours of operational by the MDEQ, shall keep the Transfer Station open for accepting deliveries during the hours of 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST.

  • A total of £9m has been invested in Environment and Waste improvement works, including Recycling and Household Waste Sites (RHWS):• New Waste Transfer Station (WTS) at Bardon - £7m.

  • Although there are designated drop off recycle areas at some markets and at the Town Transfer Station, only 7% of plastic bags get recycled.

  • Non-residents may utilize the West Bath Transfer Station during Tuesday hours; however, they must use the scale to pay for trash disposal, which is located separate from the resident drop-off.

More Definitions of Transfer station

Transfer station means any facility where quantities of solid waste delivered by vehicle are consolidated or aggregated for subsequent transfer by vehicle for processing, recycling or disposal.
Transfer station means a Regional District Solid Waste receiving facility which is used for the temporary storage of solid waste and source separated recyclable materials.
Transfer station means a site at which solid wastes are concentrated for transport to a processing facility or land disposal site. A transfer station may be fixed or mobile.
Transfer station means a combination of structures, machinery, or devices at a place or facility where waste is taken from collection vehicles and placed in other transportation units, with or without reduction of volume, for movement to another waste management facility.
Transfer station means a facility the primary purpose of which is to store or hold solid waste for transport to a processing or disposal facility. Operations at such facilities may include separation of incidental amounts of recyclable materials or unauthorized waste.
Transfer station includes those facilities used to receive solid wastes, temporarily store, separate, convert, or otherwise process the materials in the solid wastes, or to transfer the solid wastes directly from smaller to larger vehicles for transport.
Transfer station means a permanent, fixed, supplemental collection and transportation facility that is used to deposit collected solid waste from off-site into a transfer vehicle for transport to a solid waste handling or disposal facility.