Cleaning Supplies Sample Clauses

Cleaning Supplies. Bus drivers will be supplied with equipment and cleaning supplies to maintain clean buses.
Cleaning Supplies. The drivers will be provided with all necessary supplies for the cleaning of the buses.
Cleaning Supplies. 7.1 Contractor shall supply all cleaning equipment and materials required to properly complete the cleaning services. Hiring of Staff
Cleaning Supplies. Contractor must provide and maintain a supply of squeegees, hoses, dust mops, scrub brushes, brooms, stiff scrub brushes, window cleaning supplies, and cleaning and deodorizing products in designated material and equipment storage areas, pipe chases, janitor’s closets, or other secure locations.
Cleaning Supplies. The Board of Education agrees to see that cleaning supplies will be provided to bus drivers on an as needed basis upon their request and at the discretion of their immediate supervisor. Employees will not be required to wash buses, but will be required to deliver buses to a designated area for bus washing before semi-annual inspections.
Cleaning Supplies. The Operator shall provide all equipment and materials required to clean the Bus Stations (platform, pedestrian bridges/ramps, 30 m on either side of the access to pedestrian bridges, facilities area, toilets, which may include: industrial- type vacuum cleaners, industrial auto-scrubbers, industrial multi-speed burnishers, hose pipes, industrial machine sweepers, mops, brooms, buckets, janitor trolleys, ladders, industrial carpet cleaners, industrial cleaning chemicals, and personal protective clothing where needed (including face masks and gloves)
Cleaning Supplies. The Contractor will purchase and utilize cleaning supplies up to but not limited to bleach, soap, oven and grill cleaners, paper towels, and floor wax/stripper, grill screens, toilet paper, antibacterial soap to be used in rest rooms and the hand washing sinks in the kitchen, etc. The Contractor will maintain Material Safety Data Sheets on all cleaning supplies.
Cleaning Supplies. The Contractor shall provide all cleaning chemicals and equipment necessary to perform the cleaning standards of the contract. The Contractor is required to use floor care products that meet and are guaranteed by the manufacturer, to equal or surpass the test method developed by the American Society of Testing Material (ASTM) for determining the slip resistance of floor finishes (ASTM D2047). The Contractor shall supply all products such as, toilet paper, hand towels, toilet seat covers, and hand soap, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, feminine products, for all locations serviced under the contract. Products supplied shall be those designed for use in installed holders. The District reserves the right to change these specifications, including installed dispensers, throughout the life of the contract. Contractor must comply with all applicable sections of the District’s Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Policy including, but not limited to: All Cleaning paper products for which the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) has established minimum recycled content standard guidelines shall contain the highest post-consumer content practicable, but no less than the minimum recycled content standards established by the U.S. EPA Guidelines found at Specifically, the following minimum post-consumer recycled content percentages apply: paper towels – 40% post-consumer; bathroom tissue – 20%; and paper napkins – 30%. In addition, Cleaning paper products shall be unbleached or processed without chlorine or chlorine derivatives. Contractors shall supply industrial and institutional cleaning products, including general-purpose, bathroom, glass and carpet cleaners, that meet Green Seal’s Industrial and Institutional Cleaning Standard, GS-37. To the extent practical, Contractor shall use products that meet Green Seal’s standard for industrial and institutional Floor Care Products, GS-40, and Green Seal’s industrial and institutional Hand Cleaners, GS-41 (please note at this time, District hand soap dispensers are being changed out to foam, the non-cartridge format). Manufacturers of plastic trash liners shall be in compliance with the State of California’s Recycled Content Trash Bag Program, for information, visit: xxxx://
Cleaning Supplies. 1. The Contractor shall provide all cleaning supplies and materials required to fulfill the Contract Activities. This includes, but is not limited to, chemicals, cleaners and finishes for the treatment of various types of fixtures, plumbing, wall, flooring, etc.
Cleaning Supplies. The Vendor shall be responsible for the provision of all cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment required for cleaning duties as set out in section 5.9 of this Agreement, as well as to comply with any Federal, Provincial or Local cleaning requirements to meet Covid-19 or other public health standards.