Growth Management Sample Clauses

Growth Management. The agency shall maintain VISION 2020 as the adopted regional growth management strategy. The regional growth management strategy shall be based on and developed from local comprehensive planning and address only regional issues including transportation, open space, air and water quality, economic development and regional facilities.
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Growth Management. Land use approvals by the Town must include a utility service review for decision by the City. Upon Transfer, all future requests for new service connections will be made to the City for the City’s review and decision. If a request for new service connections would, if granted, require a larger allocation of capacity than is available according to Section 6.05, the request will only be granted where the requesting developer or land use applicant pays for the capital improvements needed to meet the additional capacity needs.
Growth Management. Promote new commercial and residen- tial development that is respectful of the primarily residential character of the area.
Growth Management. To include Development of Regional Impact (DRI) Review Activities, Intergovernmental Coordination and Review (ICAR), Local Government Comprehensive Plan Review Activities and other related activities.
Growth Management. As described in the 2030 General Plan, Land Use Diagram amendments and UPA expansions can only be approved if such adjustments are consistent with General Plan policies pertaining to new growth management. In particular, projects must demonstrate compliance with Land Use Element Policy LU-120, as described below: LU-120 The County shall only consider approval of a proposed UPA expansion and/or Master Plan outside of the existing UPA if the Board SS:ss:gvc PLNP2008-00142 XXXXXXX HILLS PLNP2008-GPB-SDP-ZOB-AHP-00142 finds that the proposed project is planned and will be built in a manner that:  meets all of the requirements per PC-1 through PC-10, and;  meets ONE of two alternative performance metrics: o Alternative #1- Criteria-Based o Alternative #2 - VMT/ Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Metric In response to Policy LU-120, the Xxxxxxx Xxxx project proponent has prepared and submitted a report to demonstrate the project’s compliance with this policy. This report is provided as Attachment “C“. Planning staff has reviewed this report and found the Xxxxxxx Hills project to be in conformance with the requirements of Policy LU-120. The project is consistent with criteria PC-1 through PC-10, and achieves a total of 21 points in the criteria based standards (CB-1 through CB-5). A total of 18 points are required and 24 points are possible. Tables 1 and 2 summarize the results of this analysis. In order to ensure that the requirements of LU-120 are implemented, the following sentence will be added to Section of the Xxxxxxx Hills Master Plan document. “Any amendment to the Master Plan shall conform to the requirements of General Plan Policy LU-120 or a comparable future General Plan policy in effect at the time of the amendment.” Table 1 Xxxxxxx Hills Performance Criteria Determination CRITERIA XXXXXXX HILLS RESPONSE PC-1 Vision for connection to other adjacent existing and potential future development areas. Xxxxxxx Hills is integrally linked to existing and future development of adjacent areas in terms of land use compatibility, streets, transit, bike and pedestrian paths, regional recreation opportunities, institutional amenities, resource protection, and public utilities and services. PC-2 Housing choice. The Xxxxxxx Hills Master Plan provides a range of housing choices that will meet the needs of a diverse range of households, lifestyles, and income levels. PC-3 Quality. The Xxxxxxx Hills Master Plan provides extensive design guidelines and develop...
Growth Management. In conjunction with Preliminary and Final Plan applications for the PUD Rezoning, City staff will support a total allocation of dwelling units in sufficient numbers to reasonably accommodate the ability of any future development of the Annexation Property to build out to the Minimum Units and that a minimum number of dwelling permits necessary for the reasonable build-out of the Annexation Property is provided annually.
Growth Management 
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Related to Growth Management

  • Patch Management All workstations, laptops and other systems that process and/or 22 store PHI COUNTY discloses to CONTRACTOR or CONTRACTOR creates, receives, maintains, or 23 transmits on behalf of COUNTY must have critical security patches applied, with system reboot if 24 necessary. There must be a documented patch management process which determines installation 25 timeframe based on risk assessment and vendor recommendations. At a maximum, all applicable 26 patches must be installed within thirty (30) calendar or business days of vendor release. Applications 27 and systems that cannot be patched due to operational reasons must have compensatory controls 28 implemented to minimize risk, where possible.

  • Traffic Management The Customer will not utilize the Services in a manner which, in the view of the Centre Operator, significantly distorts traffic balance on the Centre Operator’s circuits which are shared with other users. If, in the reasonable view of the Centre Operator, the Customer’s traffic patterns cause or may cause such distortion, the Customer should have a dedicated circuit capability. If the Customer declines to do so then the Centre Operator may suspend the Services while the matter is being resolved. If there is no resolution within 5 business days then either party may terminate the Agreement.

  • Virus Management Transfer Agent shall maintain a malware protection program designed to deter malware infections, detect the presence of malware within the Transfer Agent environment.

  • Network Management 60.1 CLEC and CenturyLink will exchange appropriate information (e.g., network information, maintenance contact numbers, escalation procedures, and information required to comply with requirements of law enforcement and national security agencies) for network management purposes. In addition, the Parties will apply sound network management principles to alleviate or to prevent traffic congestion and to minimize fraud associated with third number billed calls, calling card calls, and other services related to this Agreement.

  • Account Management 15.1 The Contractor is required to provide a dedicated Strategic Account Manager who will be the main point of contact for the Authority. The Strategic Account Manager will:  Attend quarterly, or as otherwise agreed, review meetings with the Authority, in person at the Authority’s premises or other locations as determined by the Authority  Attend regular catch-up meetings with the Authority, in person or by telephone/videoconference  Resolve any on-going operational issues which have not been resolved by the Contractor or Account Manager(s) and therefore require escalation  Ensure that the costs involved in delivering the Framework are as low as possible, whilst always meeting the required standards of service and quality.

  • Security Management The Contractor shall comply with the requirements of the DOD 5200.1-M and the DD Form 254. Security of the Contractor’s electronic media shall be in accordance with the above documents. Effective Program Security shall require the Contractor to address Information Security and Operations Security enabled by the Security Classification Guides. The Contractor’s facility must be able to handle and store material up to the Classification Level as referenced in Attachment J-01, DD Form 254.

  • Programme Management The Government will establish a programme management office and the Council will be able to access funding support to participate in the reform process. The Government will provide further guidance on the approach to programme support, central and regional support functions and activities and criteria for determining eligibility for funding support. This guidance will also include the specifics of any information required to progress the reform that may be related to asset quality, asset value, costs, and funding arrangements.

  • Case Management Prompt resolution of any dispute is important to both parties; and the parties agree that the arbitration of any dispute shall be conducted expeditiously. The arbitrators are instructed and directed to assume case management initiative and control over the arbitration process (including scheduling of events, pre-hearing discovery and activities, and the conduct of the hearing), in order to complete the arbitration as expeditiously as is reasonably practical for obtaining a just resolution of the dispute.

  • Investment Management If and to the extent requested by the Advisor, the Sub-Advisor shall, subject to the supervision of the Advisor, manage all or a portion of the investments of the Portfolio in accordance with the investment objective, policies and limitations provided in the Portfolio's Prospectus or other governing instruments, as amended from time to time, the Investment Company Act of 1940 (the "1940 Act") and rules thereunder, as amended from time to time, and such other limitations as the Trust or Advisor may impose with respect to the Portfolio by notice to the Sub-Advisor. With respect to the portion of the investments of the Portfolio under its management, the Sub-Advisor is authorized to make investment decisions on behalf of the Portfolio with regard to any stock, bond, other security or investment instrument, and to place orders for the purchase and sale of such securities through such broker-dealers as the Sub-Advisor may select. The Sub-Advisor may also be authorized, but only to the extent such duties are delegated in writing by the Advisor, to provide additional investment management services to the Portfolio, including but not limited to services such as managing foreign currency investments, purchasing and selling or writing futures and options contracts, borrowing money or lending securities on behalf of the Portfolio. All investment management and any other activities of the Sub-Advisor shall at all times be subject to the control and direction of the Advisor and the Trust's Board of Trustees.

  • Asset Management Supplier will: i) maintain an asset inventory of all media and equipment where Accenture Data is stored. Access to such media and equipment will be restricted to authorized Personnel; ii) classify Accenture Data so that it is properly identified and access to it is appropriately restricted; iii) maintain an acceptable use policy with restrictions on printing Accenture Data and procedures for appropriately disposing of printed materials that contain Accenture Data when such data is no longer needed under the Agreement; iv) maintain an appropriate approval process whereby Supplier’s approval is required prior to its Personnel storing Accenture Data on portable devices, remotely accessing Accenture Data, or processing such data outside of Supplier facilities. If remote access is approved, Personnel will use multi-factor authentication, which may include the use of smart cards with certificates, One Time Password (OTP) tokens, and biometrics.

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