Description of the Sample Clauses

Description of the transfer(s) The details of the transfer(s), and in particular the categories of personal data that are transferred and the purpose(s) for which they are transferred, are specified in Annex I.B.
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Description of the processing The specific scope of services shall be agreed by the PARTIES in the CONTRACT. The services under consideration regularly include matters in the sense of data processing of personal data. This shall apply accordingly to (remote) testing and (remote) mainte- xxxxx of automated processes or the use of data processing systems, insofar as access to personal data of the CUSTOMER cannot be excluded in the process. The details of the relevant processing operations, in particular the categories of personal data and the purposes for which the personal data are processed on behalf of the CUS- TOMER, are specified in DPA-Exhibit I - Description of the processing.
Description of the. “PROPERTY” All of those certain pieces, parcels or tracts of land described as the Tea Farm Tract (exclusive of the Turkey Hill Tract and the X.X. Xxxxx Portion of the Tea Farm Tract) containing approximately 3,044.96 acres, and the X.X. Xxxxxxx, Xx. Tract containing approximately 15.00 acres, on that certain plat prepared by X. Xxxxxxx in October 1946 for X. X. XxXxxx Lumber Co. recorded on November 7, 1946 in Plat Book G at page 4 in the office of the Register of Deeds for Charleston County. Said property being designated as the cross-hatched area below: LESS AND EXCEPT: ALL that certain piece, parcel or tract of land situate, lying and being in St. Pauls Parish, Town of Ravenel, Charleston County, South Carolina, containing 16.00 acres, more or less, as shown on a plat thereof entitled "St. Pauls Parish, Town of Ravenel, Charleston County, S.C., Survey of a Portion of TMS 000-00-00-000, Containing 16.00 Acres Owned by XxXxxx Lumber Company, About to be Conveyed to the Charleston County School District", prepared by Xxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx, Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor, S.C. Reg. No. 09860, dated September 11, 2006, recorded in the RMC Office for Charleston County in Plat Book DF, at Page 273, which property was conveyed by XxXxxx Lumber Co., Inc. to Charleston County Xxxxxx District by deed recorded on October 24, 2006 in Book F-603 at page 796. A copy of said plat is below:
Description of the. Online Services and applicability of this Agreement ClarityEnglish offers a range of online services including, but not limited to, the following components which may be accessed via,, or other websites which may be added from time to time (the ‘Clarity websites’), or which may be hosted by you:
Description of the. BUSINESS CONDUCTED BY NEXT CAPITAL Next is the investment entity of Xx Xxxxxxx xxx Xxxxxx, who is the Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director of Trustco and majority shareholder. Xx Xxxxxxx xxx Xxxxxx is a director and the majority shareholder of Next. Next, as the investment entity, invests in property, shares, securities and/or equities of any kind and is also a shareholder in Trustco.
Description of the transfer(s)
Description of the. Travel Community The .travel TLD is intended to serve the needs of the international travel industry, which consists of those people, businesses, organizations and entities, however constituted, eligible to register in the .travel TLD pursuant to the Agreement and the .travel Charter (Part I to this Appendix S). The Registry may extend or amend the description of the Community consistent with the terms of the Agreement and the .travel Charter.
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Description of the. “Preference Share Issuer” and the “Preference Shares” The following is a summary description of the Preference Share Issuer and the Preference Shares in the case of Preference Share Linked Notes.
Description of the timelines for providing notification to CSSP partners in hours, taking into account all reasonable delays (e.g. during and after working hours, including weekends and holidays)
Description of the. FUND(S) Licensee may use the Index and Marks solely with respect to the Fund(s) listed in this Schedule No. . The Fund(s) are to be issued, sold and traded on a public basis in accordance with the applicable rules of the exchanges below and all applicable securities laws, rules and regulations. The Fund(s) shall be limited to: [jurisdiction] domestic unit trust shares, whose interests may be listed and traded on national securities exchanges or stock markets. The Fund(s) shall be exchange traded. They must be listed and traded on the [jurisdiction] Stock Exchange only. Neither the Agreement nor this Schedule gives Licensee the right to create or offer any futures, options or other derivatives based on the Indexes. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Licensee may hold futures, options or other derivative securities as constituent holdings of the Fund(s). A copy of the relevant prospectus or offering document of the Fund(s) is attached hereto as Exhibit 1. The Fund(s) may not contain any share class other than those specified in the relevant prospectus or offering document attached hereto. Name and Detailed Description of the Fund(s): Licensee may not materially change the description of any of the Fund(s) without the prior written consent of MSCI. Each Fund will be named or identified as the “XXXX MSCI [Index] Fund (the “Composite Xxxx”), with the XXXX representing a Licensee name, which name must be approved by MSCI, such approval not to be unreasonably withheld. Licensee will use MSCI approved Marks in the Composite Xxxx. MSCI acknowledges and agrees that the Licensee marks are and will remain the exclusive property of Licensee, and that all goodwill that attaches to the Licensee marks as a result their use in the Composite Marks will redound to the exclusive benefit of Licensee. Licensee acknowledges and agrees that the MSCI Marks are and will remain the exclusive property of MSCI, and that all goodwill that attaches to the MSCI Marks as a result of their use by Licensee including, without limitation, in the Composite Marks, will redound to the exclusive benefit of MSCI. The Composite Marks will be owned neither by Licensee nor MSCI. Neither party will register or apply for registration of the Composite Marks. Upon termination of this Schedule, neither party will have ownership of or the right to use the Composite Marks. However, the parties’ respective ownership rights will persist in the constituent MSCI Marks and Licensee Marks that together comprise the C...
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