City Staff definition

City Staff means City personnel authorized by the City Administrator or designee to seek City Council approval of the acquisition of Controlled Equipment in conformance with this Ordinance.
City Staff means Council appointees, Department heads and all employees of Council appointees and Department heads.
City Staff or “City representative” Administrative managers and employees of the City under the supervision of the City Manager.

Examples of City Staff in a sentence

  • The contractor shall, at all times, exercise reasonable precautions for the safety of their employees, City Staff, participants and others on or near the City’s facilities.

  • City Staff present were Kandra Kinne, City Clerk/Treasurer, Dave Houghtelling Utility Supervisor and City Attorney Tom Patterson.

  • The City Manager shall appoint the appropriate City Staff members to review, approve and prepare all agendas, to make recommendations to the members, to advise them on all matters on their agenda, and to prepare all reports.

  • Hinzman reviewed comments from City Staff based on the prior year’s scooter activity, demand, observations and concerns.

  • Mr. Napolitano stated City Staff has been working with Chicago Hubs Realty (CHR) for some time, noting the City is pleased and excited to have reached this point and is eager to move forward.

More Definitions of City Staff

City Staff means and refer to city employees.
City Staff means City personnel authorized by the City Administrator or designee to seek City Council approval of surveillance technology in conformance with this Chapter.
City Staff means an individual who is hired on a temporary, part-time, contract, or permanent basis by the City, and receives financial payment from the City for their employment.
City Staff means a member or members of the Toronto Public Service;
City Staff means any person employed by the City, and includes persons employed on a full-time, part-time, temporary, seasonal or contract basis.
City Staff means City personnel authorized by the City Manager or appropriate City department head to seek City Council approval of Surveillance Technology in conformance with this Division.
City Staff. Insert Contract Manager name and address as mailing address above. Upon award of the Contract, the Consultant shall maintain continuously throughout the entire term of the Contract, at no expense to the City, the following insurance coverage and limits of liability as checked below: