Friday Sample Clauses

Friday. The care times shall be agreed in good time between the contracting parties and shall depend on the needs of the respective person entitled to care.
Friday. No vehicles may remain on the property. Vehicles left on the property are subject to towing at the owners expense. Vendors are not permitted to directly wire and disconnect any electrical service. Only approved electricians are permitted to directly wire and disconnect electrical service. Exhibitors will not nail, screw or otherwise attach anything to columns, trees, or standard booth equipment. All trash must be put in the designated area trash containers. This contract becomes null and void if not set up prior to 2 p.m. on Friday, August 23.
Friday. This Unbundling Ordering Center is responsible for order acceptance, order issuance, and return of the Firm Order Commitment (FOC) to Focal as specified in this Schedule 9.5. In addition, Ameritech shall provide to Focal a single point of contact (the "Unbundling Service Center") for all provisioning, maintenance, repair, and cutover coordination. A national toll-free number will be provided from 6:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. CST Monday through Friday. Out of hours maintenance questions are handled by a "Fold Down Center."
Friday. If the work and/or services are not acceptable by PMDM, the contractor will be notified via email or text message with pictures. The Contractor shall correct any deficient work and/or services prior to 7:00 p.m. Friday or must have written authorization from PMDM to complete services during the weekend. Upon completion of the deficient work and or services, the contractor shall notify the PMDM by email with pictures or text messages with pictures. If work and/or service is deemed incomplete or unacceptable by PMDM after receiving notification from the contractor by 7 p.m. on Friday or without written authorization to perform services during the weekend, PMDM will report the work and/or service as non-billable.
Friday. The recording of working hours at the mobile place of work shall be carried out in accordance with TU Dresden's Service Agreement on Flexible Working Hours. Optional information relating to social or personal situation Workplace, occupational health and safety The employee shall observe the legal requirements regarding occupational health and safety. The employer shall provide the employee with the following work equipment in accordance with § 4 para. 1 of the Service Agreement on Mobile Work Data protection and information security The protection of sensitive data using passwords or encryption shall be ensured by the employer and shall be implemented by the employee. The employer shall provide security software for anti-virus protection, etc. The employee shall ensure the protection of official documents when carrying out mobile work. Official documents and data carriers shall only be disposed of in the office. Modification of the agreement Modifications and amendments to this agreement shall be made in writing. , Place, Date , Place, Date Signature employee Signature supervisor
Friday. At the end of each one-year period during the initial term, and at the end of each year of any renewal term, if any, the parties will evaluate the Lessee's needs for remaining portion of the initial term or the subsequent one-year period, as applicable, and the number of Scheduled Times may be expanded by mutual consent and dependent upon availability for the successive period as of the start of such successive period. At any time, by mutual consent, the parties may agree to revise the specified hours within a week, though the number of hours each week will remain constant.
Friday. Any driver in the bargaining unit may sign up for trips and the assignment will begin with the most senior driver and continue in rotation. (This language is not intended to result in any change from the current practice). If two (2) or more trips are scheduled for the same day and the same time, the driver with the most seniority may choose the trip desired.
Friday. The Contract Partner shall also provide a "drop box" for customer use to be located in the City Hall. The Contract Partner shall initiate all work as required to implement and effect the billing and collection Services for both the Water System and the Wastewater System. All monies collected from the users of the Water and Wastewater System shall be paid into the lock box in accordance with the provisions contained herein. The Contract Partner shall be entitled to additional compensation for performing the Billing and Collection Services associated with the wastewater xxxx. Such additional compensation shall be allocated as a Pass-through Charge subject to cost substantiation in accordance with Section 10.14. No additional compensation will be permitted for any billing and collection matters that are a duplication of services performed by Contract Partner as such is related to the Water System Billing and Collections Services. Section 8.7
Friday. The Health Office is open Monday to Employees who return to work on a Saturday or Sunday will report to the Health Office on the following Monday.
Friday. December New Year's Eve December New Year's Day Thursday. January Good Friday Friday. April Victoria Day Monday. May Canada Day Wednesday. July Civic Holiday Monday, August Day Monday. September