FOR ASSISTANCE. ADDITIONAL TENANT DUTIES The Tenant is required to govern his or her conduct to remain in compliance with applicable laws and to refrain from interfering with the rights of other tenants and nearby residents to the peaceful enjoyment of their residences. The Tenant is responsible for the conduct of guests. No occupant or guest shall engage in disruptive conduct or illegal activities. Disruptive conduct includes conduct which interferes with the rights of other tenants, nearby residents or the general public or which results in a conviction of federal, state or local criminal laws. The Tenant may be evicted from the premises and the Lease terminated for failure to comply. The Tenant shall not allow occupancy of the dwelling unit to exceed the number of persons specified in the Lease. If not specified in the lease, occupancy shall not exceed [INSERT NUMBER] persons. If facilities are provided by the Landlord, the Tenant shall deposit all waste, debris, garbage and rubbish in the containers provided in accordance with the Landlord’s instructions. If facilities are not provided by the Landlord, the Tenant is required to dispose of all waste in accordance with the Borough’s solid waste program. The Tenant shall not allow these items to accumulate in the leased premises or other parts of the building or grounds. The Tenant shall separate and deposit in recycling containers all recyclable items in accordance with the Borough’s solid waste program. Those requirements may be viewed on the Borough’s website, obtained from the Borough Codes Department or from the solid waste hauler contracted by the Borough. The Tenant shall permit lawful inspection of the dwelling unit by authorized Borough officials at reasonable times upon reasonable notice.
FOR ASSISTANCE. 2. The supervisor and teacher will establish a Teacher Assistance Team. The team will develop a plan to assist the teacher to achieve satisfactory performance in the deficient area(s) of the professional standards. (Form I) The Teacher Assistance Team will consist of mutually agreed upon members.
FOR ASSISTANCE. The Village shall take no adverse employment action against any officer who, prior to being ordered to submit to reasonable suspicion testing or random testing, or prior to an occurrence that results in an officer being subject to post-incident testing, voluntarily seeks treatment, counseling or other support for an alcohol or drug related problem, other than the Village may require reassignment of the officer with pay if he is unfit for duty in his current assignment. The foregoing is conditioned upon:


  • Legal Assistance The parties hereto have each consulted with legal counsel or have had the opportunity to consult with legal counsel regarding the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

  • Further Assistance Stockholder will provide assistance reasonably requested by the Company in connection with actions taken by Stockholder while employed by the Company, including but not limited to assistance in connection with any lawsuits or other claims against the Company arising from events during the period in which Stockholder was employed by the Company.

  • Educational Assistance To qualify for reimbursement, an employee must be a regular employee upon enrollment. To be approved, the courses described below must be related to the employee's present position or career development:

  • Tuition Assistance Transitioned Employees shall be eligible to participate in all tuition assistance programs provided by Supplier to its similarly situated employees. Courses which are in progress as of the enrolled Transitioned Employee’s Employment Effective Date, for which tuition assistance has been approved by Kraft, and Courses which have been approved and paid for by the Transitioned Employee prior to the Transitioned Employees Employment Effective Date (which Kraft shall confirm at Supplier’s request), shall be reimbursed by Supplier at the completion of the Course, provided all of the requisites for reimbursement under the Transitioned Employee’s existing program have been approved. “Course” refers to specific classes in progress or scheduled to start during a particular term and does not refer to a degree program.

  • Technical Assistance The Parties may provide each other with technical assistance including exchange of experiences and capacity building for the implementation of their competition laws and policies, and for the promotion of competition culture.