Licensed electrician definition

Licensed electrician means an individual licensed under this chapter as an apprentice electrician, journeyman electrician, master electrician, residential journeyman electrician, or residential master electrician.
Licensed electrician means a person who is licensed to undertake unsupervised electrical work in a jurisdiction.
Licensed electrician means an electrical installation worker holding an electrician's licence under Part 3 of theElectricity Safety (Registration and Licensing) Regulations 2010 ;

Examples of Licensed electrician in a sentence

  • Licensed electrician services (i.e., electrical outlets installed by a licensed electrician when necessary to properly place wires that present a trip hazard).

  • A Licensed electrician installed the said machine with an alternate current supply during brown outs but still did not work.

  • Licensed electrician requirements by city ordinances do not apply to on state system work.

  • Requirements for Personnel shall include, but not limited to: - Notifier certified - Licensed electrician or State Certified - National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies fire alarm certified.

  • In order to install a fire alarm system in the Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District the installer must be a Licensed Fire Alarm Installer or a Licensed electrician.

  • EXPERIENCE REQUIRED Licensed electrician in the state of New JerseyFive years (5) experience at an electrical journeymen level or higher.

  • Licensed electrician to perform electrical rough in and measurements.

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  • Electrician means any person responsible for placing, installing, erecting, or connecting any electrical wires, fixtures, appliances, apparatus, raceways, conduits, solar photovoltaic cells or any part thereof, which generate, transmit, transform or utilize energy in any form or for any purpose.

  • Apprentice electrician means an individual other than an electrical contractor, master electrician, or electrical journeyman, who is engaged in learning about and assisting in the installation or alteration of electrical wiring and equipment under the direct personal supervision of an electrical journeyman or master electrician.

  • Master electrician means a person having the necessary qualifications, training, experience, and technical knowledge to supervise the installation of electrical wiring and equipment in accordance with the standard rules and regulations governing that work.

  • Licensed Nurse means an Oregon licensed practical or registered nurse.

  • Journeyman electrician means a person licensed under this chapter as a

  • Licensed physician means a person licensed to practice

  • Pharmacist means an individual licensed by this state to engage in the practice of pharmacy.

  • Pharmacist intern or “intern” means a person enrolled in a college of pharmacy or actively pursuing a pharmacy degree, or as otherwise provided by the board, who is registered with the board for the purpose of obtaining instruction in the practice of pharmacy from a preceptor pursuant to Iowa Code section 155A.6. “Pharmacist-intern” includes a graduate of an approved college of pharmacy, or a foreign graduate who has established educational equivalency pursuant to the requirements of rule 657—4.7(155A), who is registered with the board for the purpose of obtaining practical experience as a requirement for licensure as a pharmacist in Iowa. “Pharmacist-intern” may include an individual participating in a residency or fellowship program in Iowa, whether or not the individual is licensed as a pharmacist in another state.

  • Pharmacy technician or “technician” means a person who is employed in Iowa by a licensed pharmacy under the responsibility of an Iowa-licensed pharmacist to assist in the technical functions of the practice of pharmacy, and who is registered pursuant to 657—Chapter 3, and includes a certified pharmacy technician, a pharmacy technician trainee, and an uncertified pharmacy technician.

  • Pre-Licensed Therapist means an individual who has obtained a Master’s Degree in Social Work or Marriage and Family Therapy and is registered with the BBS as an Associate CSW or MFT Intern acquiring hours for licensing. An individual’s registration is subject to regulations adopted by the BBS.

  • Licensed Services means all functions performed by the Licensed System.

  • Licensed mental health professional or "LMHP" means a physician, licensed clinical psychologist, licensed professional counselor, licensed clinical social worker, licensed substance abuse treatment practitioner, licensed marriage and family therapist, certified psychiatric clinical nurse specialist, licensed behavior analyst, or licensed psychiatric/mental health nurse practitioner.

  • Electricity Services means the services associated with the provision of electricity to a person, including the exchange of electric energy, making financial arrangements to manage financial risk associated with the pool price, Distribution Access Service, system access service, ancillary services, billing, metering, performing load settlement and any other services specified in regulations made under the Act;

  • Collaborating physician means the physician who,

  • Police Service means the Ontario Provincial Police or a police service maintained by a police service board; (“service de police”)

  • Certified pharmacy technician or “certified technician” means an individual who holds a valid current national certification and who has registered with the board as a certified pharmacy technician.

  • Licensed psychologist means a doctoral level psychologist licensed under section 18223(1) of the public health code, 1978 PA 368, MCL 333.18223.

  • Licensed producer means a person or entity licensed to produce medical cannabis.

  • Professional Technologist means a person holding registration as Professional Engineering Technologist in terms of the Engineering Profession Act, 2000.

  • Licensed Area means the area in which the Licensee is authorised to

  • Marijuana producer means a person who produces marijuana in this state.

  • Licensed Service means performance of a service for any consideration using a Licensed Product, or the practice of a Licensed Process. For clarity, research and development of Licensed Products by Licensee, its Affiliates, or a Sublicensee does not constitute a Licensed Service.

  • Authorized nuclear pharmacist means a pharmacist who:

  • Nuclear medicine technologist means an individual who holds a current certification with the American Registry of Radiological Technologists or the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board.

  • Ambulance service means any privately or publicly owned service program that utilizes ambulances, including air transport vehicles, in order to provide patient transportation and emergency medical services.

  • Cosmetologist means an individual licensed under this chapter to practice cosmetology.