Transmission Owner definition

Transmission Owner means an entity that owns Transmission Facilities.
Transmission Owner means the entity that owns and maintains transmission facilities.

Examples of Transmission Owner in a sentence

  • Any assignment described herein shall not relieve or discharge the Interconnection Customer from any of its obligations hereunder absent the written consent of the Interconnected Transmission Owner and Transmission Provider.

  • Upon receipt of each of Interconnection Customer’s payments of such bills, Transmission Provider shall reimburse the Interconnected Transmission Owner.

  • The following provisions shall apply with respect to charges for the Costs of the Interconnected Transmission Owner for which the Interconnection Customer is responsible.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, however, Transmission Provider shall not be obligated to make any payment to either the Interconnection Customer or the Interconnected Transmission Owner that the preceding sentence requires it to make unless and until the Transmission Provider has received the payment that it is required to refund from the Construction Party owing the payment.

  • Notwithstanding the above, Interconnection Customer shall be liable in the event that it fails to comply with any instructions of Transmission Provider or the Interconnected Transmission Owner related to an Emergency Condition.

More Definitions of Transmission Owner

Transmission Owner means a Transmission Owner as defined under the Partiesrespective tariffs.
Transmission Owner means each entity that owns, leases or otherwise has a possessory interest in facilities used for the transmission of electric energy in interstate commerce under the Tariff. The Transmission Owners are listed in Tariff, Attachment L.
Transmission Owner means a Member that owns or leases with rights equivalent to ownership Transmission Facilities. Taking transmission service shall not be sufficient to qualify a Member as a Transmission Owner.
Transmission Owner or “TO” means Northern Ireland Electricity plc in its capacity as owner of the Transmission System and the Distribution System;
Transmission Owner means any entity or entities responsible for the interconnection of the Project with a Control Area or transmitting the Energy on behalf of Owner from the Project to the Interconnection Point.
Transmission Owner means a public utility of authority (or its designated agent) that owns facilities used for the transmission of Energy in interstate commerce and provides Transmission Service under the NYISO OATT.