Economic Benefits Sample Clauses

Economic Benefits. The following benefits are available to members of the bargaining unit with appointments of at least 1 year and 50% workloads and to Sessional Lecturers with appointments of at least 4 months and 50% workloads. Sessional Lecturers with appointments less than 4 months or less than 50% workloads are eligible for benefits where specifically indicated. Detailed information is available at
Economic Benefits. To the best of Seller's knowledge, Seller is not aware of any present facts or any pending events, which would prevent the Buyer from realizing the economic benefits associated with the Personal Goodwill in the same manner as presently enjoyed by the Seller.
Economic Benefits. 15.10.1 While on Research and Study Leave a Staff Member shall make contributions to the appropriate pension plan. Athabasca University shall make contributions at the rates provided for in the pension plan. Periods of Research and Study Leave shall be counted as time spent in full-time continuous service for the purpose of determining pension benefits.
Economic Benefits. Xxxxxxxx Station will provide substantial economic benefit to New York City, New York State, and to the greater metropolitan area as a whole. Initial benefit will be derived from the immediate creation of jobs and income from the construction of the Project (see “Interim construction benefits” below). Thereafter, it is estimated that Xxxxxxxx Station, the commercial space within the Annex, and the mixed-use building to be constructed at the Off-Site Premises will result in 3,300 more permanent jobs in the Project area once the Project is complete, and $50 million per year more in total tax revenue for the City and State than would have been collected without the Project. Property values in the vicinity of the Project can be expected to rise. Commuter accessibility and convenience can be expected to translate into increased worker productivity for businesses in the area. Enhanced Subway Connections and Pedestrian Circulation. On-street subway entrances at the Project location will be relocated within the Project’s property lines. The 33rd Street Connector will provide enhanced underground connection between Penn Station and the new Xxxxxxxx Station, and the 32nd Street Pedestrian Corridor will provide a covered, boulevard-like walkway from Ninth Avenue to the Intermodal Hall. Interim construction benefits. Construction of the Project is expected to commence in 2006 and conclude in 2010, inclusive of interior fit-outs. This work will create direct benefits resulting from expenditures on labor, materials and services, and indirect benefits due to expenditures by material suppliers, construction workers, and others involved in the Project. Such expenditures will result in substantial tax revenues to the State and City of New York.
Economic Benefits. (a) Electricity Transmission Project The primary benefit from the Electricity Transmission Project is an increase in the supply of electricity to Nepali consumers. A separate but related benefit results from a decrease in load- shedding so that electricity is available for a greater proportion of the day. Incremental improvements in the supply of electricity would be the result of increased imports from India, increases in domestic production, and decreases in technical losses from the newly constructed, higher capacity transmission system. Decreases in load-shedding are expected as a result of increased supply of electricity to the system and continued improvements at the distribution and sub-transmission level. Exports are a separate benefit stream valued at the tariff rate for electricity sales to India, as benefits for Indian consumers are not counted in the economic rate of return (“ERR”) estimate. While this means that exports are technically valued at a lower rate than domestic consumption in the ERR, the opportunity cost of Nepal’s exports is lower as well, since much of this electricity would otherwise be spilled. Moreover, sales of wet season surplus electricity are critical for encouraging new investments from independent power producers. In addition to MCC costs, the ERR model includes cost contributions from the Government, costs paid in user fees, and estimated costs of complementary investments in new generation attributable to the Project. Benefits, including electricity consumed, imports, exports, and reductions in transmission losses, are estimated for years 2023 and 2030. The economic analysis assumes that Nepal’s electricity generation capacity will increase by 360 percent between 2016 and 2023 (from 856 megawatts (“MW”) to 3,946 MW). The estimated ERR for the Electricity Transmission Project is 12 percent.
Economic Benefits. In the event Landlord consents to a Transfer, Tenant shall pay Landlord 50% of all rent which Tenant receives as a result of a Transfer that is in excess of the Rent payable by Tenant to Landlord for the portion of the Premises and Term covered by the Transfer. Tenant shall pay Landlord for Landlord's share of any excess within five (5) days after Tenant's receipt of such excess consideration. Tenant may deduct from the excess all reasonable and customary expenses directly incurred by Tenant attributable to the Transfer (other than Landlord's review fee), including brokerage fees, legal fees and construction costs. If Tenant is in Monetary Default (defined in Section 14.01 below), Landlord may require that all sublease payments be made directly to Landlord, in which case Tenant shall receive a credit against Rent in the amount of any payments received (less Landlord's share of any excess).
Economic Benefits. 12.(42) The parties agree that the predominant number of persons employed in the operation and management of the parks referred to in subsections (5) and (16) should be Inuvialuit. The appropriate government shall provide training to assist the Inuvialuit in qualifying for such employment.
Economic Benefits. If after the date of this Agreement there occurs a GOT Action or Inaction, Parastatal Action or Inaction, Lapse of Consent, Court Action or Change in Law that either adversely affects or enhances PanAfrican Tanzania’s economic benefits under this Agreement, the Parties shall promptly meet for the purpose of making all necessary adjustments to the relevant provisions of this Agreement so as to maintain the economic benefits to PanAfrican Tanzania specified under this Agreement. In the event that the Parties are unable to agree upon such adjustments within 30 days from the date that any Party gives notice to the other Parties requesting such meeting, then any Party shall have the right to refer the matter to the dispute resolution provisions of Article XXVII.
Economic Benefits. 5 3.3 Maintenance and Utilities ................................... 6 3.4 Management team ............................................. 6 3.5
Economic Benefits. The extent to which the "seller" retains, and the "buyer" fails to receive, the economic benefits of ownership of the property transferred may be significant. If the transferor is entitled to surplus from collections above a fixed amount or has an unlimited right to repurchase transferred receivables, a financing rather than a sale may be suggested. See In re Josexx Xxxxxx Xxx Co., 482 F.2d 937 (2d Cir. 1973); Mapco, Inc., 556 F.2d at 1111; Fox v. Pxxx Xxxn & Metal Co., Inc., 25 Bxxxx. 000, 000 (Xxxxx. X.D. Cal. 1982) (option to repurchase provided seller with the "ability to deprive . . . [buyer] of any increase in value"). Maxtor will transfer all of its right, title and interest in and to the Receivables to MRC, which will receive all of the economic benefits of ownership of the transferred Receivables. Maxtor will not have any right to any surplus from Collections on the Receivables 180 Citibank, N.A. Citicorp North America, Inc. Bankers Trust Company April 8, 1998 Page Six above the consideration received for such Receivables, will have no right to reacquire Receivables sold, and will have no right to reclaim any benefits of ownership.