Project Location Sample Clauses

Project Location. Enter the project location as it appears on the project advertisement.
Project Location. 6. The Consultant and the City will implement this Approved Service Order in accordance with the Master Agreement, this cover page and Attachments “A” (Tasks), “B” (Terms and Conditions), “C” (Compensation Table), and “D” (Schedule of Specific Services) which are incorporated herein by references.
Project Location. Describe project boundaries and locations within City of Houston limits with Key Map references. Include location and lay-out maps.
Project Location. [Insert the location of the Project]
Project Location. On the campus of the University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ and other University of Arizona sites located within the State in accordance with plans and specifications to be issued on a project by project basis.
Project Location. Enter Project Location
Project Location. Describe the location of the project activities. For example, describe whether the project activities will occur on a First Nation or within traditional territories. If the project is outside of a First Nation community, please include a location map. An online mapping tool to make a map can be accessed at: xxxx:// iewer=NaturalHeritage&locale=en-US. Natural Resource Management. What natural resource is being managed? Describe how the project will contribute to the management of that natural resource both in the short and long term.
Project Location. San Xxxxxx and Austin Beneficiaries: DADS, DSHS, HHSC, DFPS and DARS Frequency of Use and External Factors Affecting Use: Daily Agency Code: Category Number: Project number: PROJECT DESCRIPTION General Information 529 5005 16 Agency name: Category Name: Project Name: Health and Human Services Commission ACQUISITN INFO RES TECH. Secure Mobile Infrastructure HHS is currently exploring and planning business initiatives designed to increase efficiencies, promote improvement in service delivery in order to meet projected increases in caseloads without expanding the HHS workforce. These initiatives include expansion of tele-work and video conferencing, enabling mobile workers where appropriate, office consolidation and increased use of client self service capabilities in our web based applications. To support these initiatives, the underlying network and communications infrastructure needs to be modernized and enhanced. Requested funding would provide a foundation for a secure, integrated HHS network, and enhanced telecom systems in various offices, eligibility call centers and other service delivery areas. All 5 HHS agencies have identified business requirements that require mobility and/or tele-work capabilities to better serve their clients and work more effectively. In addition, office closures and consolidations drive the need for more flexible communication alternatives. HHSC's Eligibility Operations is refining its workload distribution strategy to enable work to be assigned based on skills and availability, rather than location. Other HHS agencies have also identified significant benefits that could be derived from a more converged and mobility enabled infrastructure. Health Care Reform is expected to generate an increased demand for HHS services. Allowing work to be distributed to anyone, anywhere, anytime based on their skills and availability will significantly enhance our ability to handle this additional caseload. Number of Units / Average Unit Cost N/A Estimated Completion Date 8/31/2015 Additional Capital Expenditure Amounts Required 2016 2017 0 0 Type of Financing CA CURRENT APPROPRIATIONS Projected Useful Life 10 Years Estimated/Actual Project Cost $25,350,000 Length of Financing/ Lease Period ESTIMATED/ACTUAL DEBT OBLIGATION PAYMENTS 2014 2015 2016 2017 REVENUE GENERATION / COST SAVINGS REVENUE_COST_FLAG MOF_CODE AVERAGE_AMOUNT Total over project life 0 Explanation: