COURT ACTION Sample Clauses

COURT ACTION. If a judgment of dissolution of marriage is obtained by either Xxxxxx, the original of this Agreement shall be attached to the judgment. The court shall be requested to do the following:
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COURT ACTION. If a judgment for Divorce is obtained by either Spouse, the original of this Agreement shall be attached to the judgment. The court shall be requested to do the following:
COURT ACTION. Any Dispute regarding the following is not required to be negotiated, mediated or arbitrated prior to seeking relief from a court of competent jurisdiction: breach of any obligation of confidentiality; infringement, misappropriation, or misuse of any intellectual property right; any other claim where interim relief from the court is sought to prevent serious and irreparable injury to one of the parties or to others. However, the parties to the Dispute shall make a good faith effort to negotiate and mediate such Dispute, according to the above procedures, while such court action is pending.
COURT ACTION. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Article, a discharged employee shall have the right at his/her option, to file an action in a court of competent jurisdiction. Prior to filing such action the employee must exhaust the steps of the grievance procedure set forth in Sections 6. and 7. of this Article. The employee may then elect to appeal the discharge to advisory arbitration or file a lawsuit. In any such action, the employee shall have the right to pursue any claims he/she might have under statutory or common law, and shall not be limited to an action for breach of contract. The County agrees that it will not assert that the employee failed to exhaust his/her contractual remedies. If an employee elects to file suit, the action shall be subject to the applicable statute of limitations.
COURT ACTION. Notwithstanding any contrary determination in the specific case under Section 10.03 of this Article, and notwithstanding the absence of any determination thereunder, any manager, officer, employee or agent may apply to any court of competent jurisdiction in the State of Delaware for indemnification to the extent otherwise permissible under Sections 10.01 and 10.02 of this Article. The basis of such indemnification by a court shall be a determination by such court that indemnification of the manager, officer, employee or agent is proper in the circumstances because he has met the applicable standards of conduct set forth in Section 10.01 and 10.02 of this Article, as the case may be. Notice of any application for indemnification pursuant to this Section 10.05 shall be given to the Company promptly upon the filing of such application.
COURT ACTION. By agreeing to arbitration, the Parties do not intend to deprive any court of competent jurisdiction of its ability to issue any form of provisional remedy, including but not limited to a preliminary remedy in aid of arbitration, or order any interim injunction. A request for such provisional remedy or interim injunction by the parties to a court shall not be deemed a waiver of this agreement to submit to arbitration.
COURT ACTION. In case of absence from duty in response to a jury summons or a subpoena to be witness in an action in which the teacher is not involved, the amount of the witness or juror's fee shall be deducted from the salary of the teacher and applied to the substitute's pay.
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COURT ACTION. We may take proceedings in any Court of competent jurisdiction for sale or foreclosure of all or any part of the Property;
COURT ACTION. In the event the Licensee brings a court action challenging any forfeiture declaration or termination of this Telecommunications License by the City ("Forfeiture Action"), the City agrees that it will stay execution of the Forfeiture Action pending any court action by Licensee challenging the Forfeiture Action and a final court order on such challenge ("Final Court Order"). A Final Court Order as described in this paragraph is a court order that adjudicates the substantive issues in the court action brought and that is no longer subject to appeal in the respective state or federal judicial system in which the court action was brought. If the Final Court Order upholds the Forfeiture Action and Licensee fails to cure any and all material breaches giving rise to the Forfeiture Action within thirty (30) days after the Final Court Order, the City may enforce the Forfeiture Action. Licensee shall not enjoy any further rights to install Facilities within the Public Way pursuant to this Telecommunications License, but otherwise the City will stay execution of the Forfeiture Action until the Final Court Order. In the event Licensee has not transferred the Telecommunications Facilities within 180 days of the Final Court Order to an unaffiliated person reasonably acceptable to the City and in accordance with Section 7 of this Telecommunications License, the City may enforce the Forfeiture Action and the Licensee shall cease its use of the Telecommunications Facilities within the City.
COURT ACTION. 17.1 Should the Student be the subject of any court action, particularly custody or access issues, being heard before the Family Law Court, the School shall not allow staff to issue statements or provide reports regarding the Student, except where instructed to do so by the Court itself.
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