Dismissal Procedures Sample Clauses

Dismissal Procedures. In accordance with Revised Code § 3314.03(A)(6), any student who, without a legitimate excuse, fails to participate in one hundred five consecutive hours of learning opportunities, will be automatically withdrawn from the school in accordance with the school’s withdraw procedures.
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Dismissal Procedures. 8.5.1 When the President determines that there is proper cause for dismissal, he/she shall notify the faculty employee and the Directors of the Faculty Association, in writing, outlining the reasons for this determination and stating any charges which have been made and by whom they were made.
Dismissal Procedures. In accordance with Ohio Revised Code §3314.03(A)(6), any student who, without a legitimate excuse, fails to participate in seventy-two (72) consecutive hours of learning opportunities will be automatically withdrawn from the school in accordance with the school’s withdrawal procedures.
Dismissal Procedures. 1. A dismissal means the termination for just cause of a sessional appointment before the end of the stated contractual period. The failure to renew a sessional appointment at the end of the defined term does not constitute dismissal.
Dismissal Procedures. The Corporation shall initiate dismissal procedures by requesting in writing the Member concerned to meet with the Principal and the Vice-Principal Academic & Research in the presence of a representative of the Association. Such notification shall include precise reference to all the pertinent information in this Agreement. The Association shall be sent a copy of this notification. In this and all further proceedings, the Member shall be permitted to bring and to be assisted by an Association representative of their choice. An attempt shall be made at the meeting to resolve the matter in a manner satisfactory to all concerned.
Dismissal Procedures. The authority of dismissal shall be the Xxxxxx Board of Education. Cause for dismissal:
Dismissal Procedures. 1. Dismissal of a full-time bargaining unit member holding a temporary appointment or an annual appointment shall be on ten (10) days notice or pay in lieu thereof. Dismissal of a part-time bargaining unit member shall be on three (3) days notice or pay in lieu thereof. The dismissal of a bargaining unit member holding a temporary or annual appointment shall not be subject to the grievance procedure provided herein.
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Dismissal Procedures. 1. Preliminary proceedings concerning the ability of a faculty member When reason arises to question the ability of a faculty member to perform his/her assigned duties, the appropriate supervisor should discuss the matter with him/her in a personal conference. The matter may be terminated by mutual consent at this point. If an adjustment is required but does not happen, a standing or ad hoc committee elected by the faculty shall give confidential advice and shall determine whether or not formal proceedings should be instituted. The College President can review the committee finding. The faculty committee or the College President can recommend that formal proceedings begin. Except where there is disagreement, a joint statement from the faculty committee and the College President will give the specifics of the proposed grounds for dismissal. If there is disagreement, the College President or his/her representative should formulate the statement.
Dismissal Procedures. 1. An employee shall receive a written notice of charges and notification of a pre-dismissal meeting to discuss the charges with a copy provided to the Union. The employee will be given an opportunity to respond to the changes and present reasons why the dismissal should not occur.
Dismissal Procedures. Dismissal of tenured faculty members shall be in accordance with existing tenure law. A tenured faculty member is entitled to all due process provided under the Illinois Tenure Act. Dismissal is not grievable under Article II Grievance Procedures of thecontract.
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