Further Proceedings Sample Clauses

Further Proceedings. The CDRB shall permit the Contractor to present its case by submission of memoranda, briefs, and oral argument. The CDRB shall also permit the Agency to present its case in response to the Contractor by submission of memoranda, briefs, and oral argument. If requested by the Corporation Counsel, the Comptroller shall provide reasonable assistance in the preparation of the Agency’s case. Neither the Contractor nor the Agency may support its case with any documentation or other material that was not considered by the Comptroller, unless requested by the CDRB. The CDRB, in its discretion, may seek such technical or other expert advice as it shall deem appropriate and may seek, on it own or upon application of a party, any such additional material from any party as it deems fit. The CDRB, in its discretion, may combine more than one dispute between the parties for concurrent resolution.
Further Proceedings. It is intended by the parties that any action to be taken hereinafter by the County pursuant to the express provisions of this Agreement may be undertaken by the County without necessity of further proceedings. To the extent that additional proceedings are required by law, however, the County agrees, to the extent permitted by law, to undertake all such steps as may be reasonably required or appropriate to effectuate the intent of this Agreement.
Further Proceedings. 14.4.1 The Party requesting the meeting may proceed to arbitration if the other Party has not agreed to a meeting or counter-proposed a meeting within fourteen (14) days after receiving the claiming Party’s request, or has failed to participate in an agreed meeting.
Further Proceedings. 22. If the Commission approves this Settlement Agreement, Staff will not commence or continue any proceeding against the Respondent under Ontario securities law based on the misconduct described in Part III of this Settlement Agreement, unless the Respondent fails to comply with any term in this Settlement Agreement, in which case Staff may bring proceedings under Ontario securities law against the Respondent that may be based on, among other things, the facts set out in Part III of this Settlement Agreement as well as the breach of this Settlement Agreement.
Further Proceedings. If the forum selected in accordance with Section 8.3 is not a court, then after the final decision of such forum is rendered, the Company or Indemnitee shall have the right to apply to the Court of Chancery of Delaware, the court in which the proceeding giving rise to Indemnitee’s claim for indemnification is or was pending or any other court having jurisdiction of the subject matter and the parties, for the purpose of appealing the decision of such forum, provided that such right is executed within sixty (60) days after the final decision of such forum is rendered. If the forum selected in accordance with Section 8.3 is a court, then the rights of the Company or the Indemnitee to appeal any decision of such court shall be governed by the applicable laws and rules governing appeals of the decision of such court.
Further Proceedings. To the extent additional proceedings are required by law, however, the County agrees to undertake all such steps as may be reasonably required or appropriate to effectuate the intent of this Agreement.
Further Proceedings. After the Initial Bond has been executed, it shall be the duty of the Mayor and other appropriate officials and agents of the City to deliver the Initial Bond and all pertinent records and proceedings to the Attorney General of the State of Texas, for examination and approval. After the Initial Bond has been approved by the Attorney General, it shall be delivered to the Comptroller for registration. Upon registration of the Initial Bond, the 6 Insert from Officers Pricing Certificate.Comptroller (or the Comptroller’s bond clerk or an assistant bond clerk lawfully designated in writing to act for the Comptroller) shall manually sign the Comptroller’s Registration Certificate prescribed herein and the seal of said Comptroller shall be impressed, or placed in facsimile, thereon.
Further Proceedings. Any party may file, within 20 days after issuance of this Proposed Statement of Decision, additional briefing (not longer than 10 pages) specifying objections to the Proposed Statement of Decision or issues the Court has failed to address. (Cal. Rules Ct. 1591, 1590.) After 20 days
Further Proceedings. The sounding rocket flight itself foresees only four combustion cycles. However, a diversification of the experiments and a multiplication of the scientific output are necessary before a reliable model of the NOx production of droplet and spray flames can be established. Therefore, the utilization of the experiment’s engineering model (EM) in a parabolic flight is currently under discussion and preparatory steps have been initiated. Apart from the microgravity experiments on TEXUS, the parabolic flight experiments will help achieve a more complete understanding of the combustion and the NOx forming processes. Further variations (apart from the degree of vaporization Ψ) could be the temperature of the combustion chamber, the distance, number, and initial diameter of the droplets, and the fuel itself.Due to the expansion of the air/exhaust mixture inside of the combustion chamber during the combustion process and the quasi-isobaric conditions, gas will pass out of the combustion chamber entraining combustion products from the central combustion zone. To get a deeper insight into this discharge process and the associated mixing process of burned and unburned gases inside of the combustion chamber, a further numerical study is currently conducted.