The College President Sample Clauses

The College President. Chief Human Resources Officer or designee shall communicate the decision in writing, to the grievant within seven (7) days of receipt of the appeal.
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The College President or designee shall communicate a decision to the grievant within ten (10) days after receiving the appeal and such a decision will terminate Level II. Failure by the College President or designee to communicate a written decision to the grievant within the ten (10) day limit will also terminate Level II. Level III – Chancellor
The College President. Joint effort of a most critical kind must be taken when an institution chooses a new President. The selection of a chief administrative officer should follow upon cooperative search by the governing Board and the Faculty, taking into consideration the opinions of others who are appropriately interested. The President should be equally qualified to serve both as the executive officer of the governing Board and as the chief academic officer of the institution and the Faculty. His/her dual role requires that he/she be able to interpret to Board and Faculty the educational views and concepts of institutional government of the other. He/she should have the confidence of the Board and of the Faculty.
The College President a. The College President reserves the right to select any of the finalists presented by the screening committee.
The College President or designee reserves the right to establish the number of full-time and associate faculty to be employed. If the number of full-time contracted employees subject to this policy is to be reduced, the College President or designee shall determine what programs, courses, or services will be reduced. In making decisions on reductions, the College President or designee may consider factors including, but not limited to:
The College President subject to the approval of the Board and subject to the provisions of this agreement, may exercise judgment in the evaluation of a candidate’s qualifications and placement of the candidate on the salary schedule, providing criteria for judgment is not in violation of the provisions of this contract.
The College President will make a tenure recommendation to the Board of Trustees in closed session by the February Board meeting of the fourth year of the contract faculty’s employment.
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Related to The College President

  • College President The "College President" is the Chief Executive Officer of the College.

  • The Vice-President The Vice President shall have such powers and perform such duties as the Member may from time to time prescribe or as the President may from time to time delegate to him or her. At the request of the President, the Vice President may temporarily act in place of the President. In the case of the death, absence, or inability to act of the President, the Member may designate the Vice President to perform the duties of the President.

  • President Unless the Trustees otherwise provide, the President shall preside at all meetings of the shareholders and of the Trustees. Unless the Trustees otherwise provide, the President shall be the chief executive officer.

  • The President the Treasurer and the Secretary shall be elected by the Trustees upon the occurrence of any vacancy in any such office. Other officers, if any, may be elected or appointed by the Trustees at any time. Vacancies in any such other office may be filled at any time.

  • Vice President In the absence of the President or in the event of the President’s inability to act, the Vice President, if any (or in the event there be more than one Vice President, the Vice Presidents in the order designated by the Directors, or in the absence of any designation, then in the order of their election), shall perform the duties of the President, and when so acting, shall have all the powers of and be subject to all the restrictions upon the President. The Vice Presidents, if any, shall perform such other duties and have such other powers as the Board may from time to time prescribe.

  • President President Quinsigamond Community College Fitchburg State University Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx Xx. Xxxxx X. Bowen Vice President of Academic Affairs Vice President of Academic Affairs Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xx. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, Jr. Xxxx of Business and Technology Xxxx of Student and Academic Life Xxx Xxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx Coordinator of Computer Science Transfer Chair of Computer Science Department Program Xxxxxx de la Torre Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Coordinator of Transfer & Articulation MassTransfer Coordinator Appendix A Quinsigamond Community College and Fitchburg State University QCC Computer Science Transfer to Computer Science or Computer Information Systems Articulation Table QCC Course Course # Cr Fitchburg State Course Course # Cr PLEASE NOTE: For the purposes of this articulation agreement, students are encouraged to complete the elective choices listed below. *Recommended Lab Sciences Students transferring into the FSU Computer Science program should take PHY 101 General Physics I and PHY 102 General Physics II **Recommended Social Sciences Students transferring into the FSU Computer Information Systems program should take ECO 215 Principles of Macroeconomics and ECO 216 Principles of Microeconomics Semester 1 English Composition and Literature I ENG 101 3 Writing I ENGL 1100 3 Calculus I MAT 233 4 Calculus I (substitute for MATH 2200 for CIS students) MATH 2300 4 Analytical Thinking with Programming CSC 106 3 Introduction to Programming CSC 1000 3 Lab Science* 4 4 Social Science Elective** 3 3 English Composition and Literature II ENG 102 3 Writing II ENGL 1200 3 Calculus II MAT 234 4 Calculus II MATH 2400 4 Programming I CSC 107 3 Computer Science I CSC 1500 3 Lab Science* 4 4 Social Science Elective** 3 3 Programming With Objects CSC 207 3 Computer Science II CSC 1550 3 Calculus III MAT 235 4 Calculus III MATH 3300 3 Discrete Mathematics MAT 125 3 Discrete Math MATH 1900 3 Intro to Architecture & Assembly Language CSC 208 4 Assembly Language CSC 3300 3 Humanities Elective 3 3 Programming With Data Structures CSC 211 4 Systems Programming CSC 2560 3 Probability & Statistics for Engineers and Scientists MAT 237 3 Substitute for Business Statistics MATH 1800 3 Speech Communication Skills SPH 101 3 Intro to Speech Communication SPCH 1000 3 Social Science Elective** 3 3 Humanities Elective 3 3

  • Treasurer The Treasurer shall be the chief financial and accounting officer of the Trust, and, subject to the provisions of the Declaration of Trust and to any arrangement made by the Trustees with a custodian, investment adviser or manager, or transfer, shareholder servicing or similar agent, shall be in charge of the valuable papers, books of account and accounting records of the Trust, and shall have such other duties and powers as may be designated from time to time by the Trustees or by the President.

  • Chairman An individual (who need not be a Registered Warrantholder) designated in writing by the Warrant Agent shall be chairman of the meeting and if no individual is so designated, or if the individual so designated is not present within fifteen minutes from the time fixed for the holding of the meeting, the Registered Warrantholders present in person or by proxy shall choose an individual present to be chairman.

  • Presiding Officer At each meeting of the Board of Managers, the Chairman, or in the absence of the Chairman the President, or in the absence of the President a chairman chosen by a majority of the Managers present, shall preside. The Secretary shall act as secretary at each meeting of the Board of Managers. In case the Secretary shall be absent from any meeting of the Board of Managers, an Assistant Secretary shall perform the duties of secretary at such meeting; and in the absence from any such meeting of the Secretary and all Assistant Secretaries, the person presiding at the meeting may appoint any person to act as secretary of the meeting.

  • Vice Presidents The Vice Presidents will, subject to the control of the Member, perform such duties as may be assigned to them by the President and will have the general powers and duties usually vested in the office of vice president of corporations, and will have such other powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Member. In the case of the death, disability or absence of the President, a Vice President shall perform and be vested with all the duties and powers of the President until the Member appoints a new President.

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