Disability Allowance Sample Clauses

Disability Allowance. 2 An allowance is to be paid at the rate specified in the Australia Post Human Resources Manual Rates of Pay Booklet where an employee is required to work:
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Disability Allowance. 21.6.1 If significant disabilities occur for a period of two weeks or more because of construction, reconstruction, alteration, major repair or other like work at or in the immediate vicinity of the premises in which the employees are required to work, the union may claim the following allowance on behalf of affected employees, to be paid from the date of the union's application:
Disability Allowance. A Disability Allowance on a flat rate for hours worked will be paid to employees to compensate for the performance of demolition commercial, industrial stripping and refurbishment sites. This allowance is inclusive of award special rates and allowances associated with the National Building and Construction Industry Award 2000. 1 March, 2003 - $4.10 1 March, 2004 - $4.20 1 March, 2005 - $4.35
Disability Allowance. 11.6.2 For the purpose of this Agreement, the current travelling allowance paid to Employees using their own vehicle will continue to apply and be paid in line with the Award.
Disability Allowance. 23.2 The following reimbursements and allowances will remain unaltered and unaffected by
Disability Allowance. Since Linkages targets households where the head of household has a serious mental illness, it is anticipated that the majority of Linkages participants will be eligible to receive the Elderly or Disabled Persons Family Allowance of $400. Verification of Tenant Income All Linkages applicants and program participants are required to verify their income at the time of application and at least annually thereafter. Whenever possible, written third-party verification of income will be used. Oral third-party verification may be used but should be followed by written third- party verification when possible. Self-declaration should only be used if there is no other way to verify the information. The applicant will sign a release form at the time of application and at the time of annual review giving the Linkages program authorization to collect all relevant income information. If third-party verification is not possible, some acceptable alternative methods of income verification including:  Consecutive pay stubs;  Certification Of Zero Income, a notarized, self-statement, followed up by oral verification when possible; and  Other records as are reasonable to be used at the discretion of the Housing Coordinator. Use of verification other than third-party should be accompanied by written explanation in the participant’s record. Verifications are valid for 90 days from the date of the verification. For interim recertification, only those factors that have changed must be re-verified. Social Security benefits should always be verified even if the tenant is claiming zero income. Sample Release forms for Verification of Income included in the appendices. The Part 5 definition of annual income is the gross amount of income of all adult household members that is anticipated to be received during the coming 12-month period. Each of the italicized phrases in this definition is important to understanding the requirements for calculating annual income:  Gross amount. For those types of income counted, gross amounts (before any deductions have been taken) are used;  Income of all adult household members. The Part 5 definition of annual income contains income “inclusions” – types of income to be counted – and “exclusions” – types of income that are not considered (for example, income of minors); and  Anticipated to be received. The Part 5 annual income is used to determine eligibility and the amount of Federal assistance a household can receive. The property or program ma...
Disability Allowance. S3.3.1 An employee, apprentice or a junior engaged on work on a construction site will be paid a disability allowance for all work performed on site at the rate of $19.80 per week or 51 cents per hour to compensate for the following disabilities of the industry, namely:
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Disability Allowance. [5.5.1 varied by PR912148 PR925271 PR942109 PR953994; PR966766 ppc 21Dec05] In addition to the rates prescribed in this clause all employees shall be paid an allowance of $21.45 per week to compensate for the following disabilities associated with the industry namely:
Disability Allowance. 10.17.1 A member of the unit who has applied for a disability allowance under STRS shall be granted an unpaid leave of absence for up to 39 months.
Disability Allowance. 30.1 In unusual or exceptional circumstances where an employee is exposed to a working environment that causes inconvenience, or discomfort, then the Director may authorise the payment of an allowance or hourly rate to apply for the duration that the employee is inconvenienced while continuing to work.
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