Travelling Allowance definition

Travelling Allowance means expenses incurred for travelling, inclusive of mileage, accommodation and food.
Travelling Allowance means an allowance granted to an em- ployee to cover the expenses which he incurs on travelling in the interest of the University service. It includes allowance granted for the maintenance of conveyance.

Examples of Travelling Allowance in a sentence

  • Eligibility for the Excess Travelling Allowance will be re- assessed when suitable accommodation becomes available within 30 kilometres of the employee's place of employment.

  • An employee engaged on a job which qualifies them to the provisions of this Clause and who is required to reside elsewhere than on the site (or adjacent to the site and supplied with transport) shall be paid the allowance prescribed by Clause 5.9 – Travelling Allowance of this award.

  • Allowances such as Leave Travel Concession, Special Compensatory Allowances, Children's Education Allowance, Transport Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Deputation Allowance, House Building Allowance, Travelling Allowance etc.

  • If an examiner has received or claimed Travelling Allowance for whole or part of the journey from any other body or authority, that journey or part thereof shall be excluded from the total distance travelled by him.

  • They should produce the original documents, in support of their meeting eligibility conditions, at the time of Interview failing which such candidates will not be permitted to appear for the interview and Travelling Allowance will not be reimbursed to them.

More Definitions of Travelling Allowance

Travelling Allowance or “TA” means the allowance for accommodation, meals and incidental expenses paid to an employee who is directed to travel on official business by his or her employing Member, where the travel requires an overnight stay away from the employee’s work base.
Travelling Allowance means an allowance granted to an officer to cover the expenses which he incurs in travelling in the interest of the public service. It includes allowances granted for the maintenance of conveyances.Government DecisionThe expressionsroad mileage’ and ‘mileage allowance’ wherever they occur, shall be assigned meaning as referring todistance in kilometres’. [G.O.(P) 52/65/Fin.,dt. 3-2-1965] [G.O.(P) 359/76/Fin., dt. 23-11-1976] [G.O.(P) 36/64/Fin., dt. 20-1-1964] CHAPTER IIIGENERAL CONDITIONS OF SERVICE 13. Except as provided by this rule, no person may be appointed to a post in Government service without his producing a medical certificate of health in the form annexed below. The Government may, in individual cases, dispense with the production of a certificate, and may by general orders exempt any specified class of officers from the operation of this rule.FORM
Travelling Allowance means an allowance granted to an employee to cover the expenses which he incurs in travelling in the interest of the Board's service;
Travelling Allowance means allowance granted to Minister to cover the expenses which he incurs in travelling in the interest of public service as against travelling in personal interest or for private purpose, such as journeys for rest or recoupment of health or for attending party meeting s or for election campaign;
Travelling Allowance means an allowance grated to an officer travelling on duty within The Gambia for one or more nights. Travelling allowances are granted to enable an officer to travel in reasonable comfort.
Travelling Allowance means allowance paid to an employee for the expenditure incurred on official travel.
Travelling Allowance means an allowance admissible to a Government employee to cover the expenses incurred by him while on tour in public interest. It includes daily allowance, road mileage allowance, local mileage allowance, permanent travelling allowance. It also includes reimbursement of actual travelling expenses and hotel charges limited to entitlement;