Disabled Persons Sample Clauses

Disabled Persons. The Parties intend that any Employee who has, prior to the Distribution Date, become eligible to receive any long-term disability benefits pursuant to any third-party insurance policy applicable under any welfare benefit plan shall continue to be eligible to receive such benefits in accordance with the terms of such plan and policy.
Disabled Persons. First Data shall continue to be responsible after the Distribution Date for all claims for long-term disability incurred prior to the Distribution Date by any non-union Domestic Business Employee who is absent from active employment due to a total disability, as defined in the First Data Corporation Health and Welfare Benefit Plan, on or prior to the Distribution Date to the extent that such long-term disability benefits are provided under an insurance contract. First Data shall also be responsible for long-term disability benefits for any Domestic Business Employee who is receiving weekly short-term disability benefits as of the Distribution Date and who becomes eligible for long-term disability benefits thereafter, provided that the total disability relates to the same condition for which weekly short-term disability benefits were paid and, provided further, that such long-term disability benefits are payable under an insurance contract. Western Union shall assume and be solely responsible for all other claims for long-term disability payable on or after the Distribution Date with respect to any Business Employee and shall continue to be responsible for all claims for short-term disability benefits for any Domestic Business Employee, without regard to when the disability occurred.
Disabled Persons. It shall be the Consumer’s responsibility to disclose prior to booking to the Organiser any physical or mental condition of a member of his party which may be relevant and no liability shall attach to the Organiser for the provision of an unsuitable holiday for a disabled person where disclosure of the disability has not been made to the Retailer or to the Organiser where the booking has been made directly with the Organiser. The Organiser reserves the right to decline to provide a holiday for a disabled person where in the Organiser’s opinion that holiday would be inconsistent with the special needs of a disabled person.
Disabled Persons. Individuals who receive disability benefits from Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security, Railroad Retirement, or Black Lung, based on their disability are not eligible for TANF cash assistance if the benefit level equals or exceeds the difference in the payment level between the individual being included or excluded in the assistance payment. For example, a family of four including one adult in Group I has a payment level of $474 and a family of three children has a payment level of $284. If the disability payment exceeds the difference of $190, the individual is not eligible to be included in the TANF payment. However, the disability income up to the SSI level for an individual with no other income is disregarded when determining the TANF eligibility and payment amount for the other family members. The preceding paragraphs also apply to individuals receiving benefits from the Veterans Administration based on a 100% disability.
Disabled Persons. ⏵We will ensure their easy and safe movement by creating standard conditions in the city infrastructure (roads, pas- sages, pavements, entrances etc.); ⏵Disabled persons registered under the poverty level will get additional allowance of 10 Gel per month. Cost - 3 million Gel ⏵Will get a police of free medical insurance; (see Health Program of “Alliance”);⏵War veterans, warriors for territorial integrity, veterans of military forces, persons equal to war participants will recei- ve 100 Gel voucher to cover gas and electricity costs in winter. (December, January, February March – 25 Gel monthly) cost – 2 million Gel. .
Disabled Persons. The Group aims to provide full and fair opportunity for employment for disabled applicants. It will ensure, through training and practical assistance where required, their continued employment and promotion. Employees who become disabled will be accorded every possible opportunity for maintaining their position or for retraining if appropriate.The Group’s Health and Safety policy has been prepared to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all employees. It recognises that those employees who require extra equipment, facility or assistance, both routinely and in an emergency, will have such needs met. The Group will keep a record of all personnel who, by reason of disability, are thought to have particular requirements relating to the Group’s Health and Safety practices.The record will be regularly reviewed in terms of: ⮚ The nature of the disability and any limitations it places on either an individual’s physical/or intellectual function.⮚ Ensuring the actual implications of the disability in the workplace have been assessed and understood.⮚ The extent to which the individual requires changes (if at all) in the work environment or workplace practices.⮚ The nature of any routine practical assistance or supervision required of other people arising from the disability. Also any implications that may arise on an emergency basis, either as a consequence of the disability (such as an epileptic fit) or in the workplace (such as an emergency evacuation of the premises).⮚ Records will be kept on what action has been taken on the basis of the above factors. Employees should report any concerns regarding disability and health and safety to a responsible person (usually a manager or supervisor). Where a disabled (or any other) employee raises a matter concerning health and safety related to his or her employment the company will: ⮚ Make all necessary investigations so as to identify the relevant details and proceed with all measures necessary to resolve the matter. ⮚ The Group will, jointly with the employee, make use of the appropriate Disability Advisory Service or PACT (Placing, Assessment and Counselling Teams operated by the Employment Service) where health and safety concerns prove to be complex and/or problematic. Newly appointed disabled employees and employees who become disabled will receive specific information and training on all relevant matters of health and safety. The Group will ensure that the information is presented in such a way as to be readily...
Disabled Persons. Certain individuals with disabilities defined under I.R.C. 72(m)(7) may stretch the Inherited IRA over their life expectancy;
Disabled Persons. It is the policy of the Group to encourage the employment and development of suitable disabled persons. No unnecessary limitations are placed on the type of work that they perform and the policy ensures that in appropriate cases consideration is given to modifications to equipment or premises and to adjustments in working practices. Full and fair consideration is given to disabled applicants for employment and existing employees who become disabled have the opportunity to retrain and continue in employment.