Demotion Sample Clauses

Demotion. A demotion shall mean the transfer of an employee to a lower level position of less responsibility as well as salary.
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Demotion. An employee who voluntarily demotes to another position with a lower salary range maximum will be placed in the new range at a salary equal to their previous base salary. If the previous base salary exceeds the new range, the employee’s base salary will be set equal to the new range maximum.
Demotion. An employee may demote or be demoted from a position in one (1) classification to a position in a lower classification or salary range. To voluntarily demote, the employee must make written application to the Appointing Authority or Employer as appropriate, and must meet the minimum and special qualifications of the position.
Demotion. A demotion is a change to a class which has a maximum salary rate which is at least 5% lower than the maximum salary rate of the former class. Whenever an employee is demoted due to layoff, without cause or inability on his or her part, his or her salary shall be that step in the new range which provides an equal salary, or in the absence thereof, the nearest lower salary, to that received prior to the demotion. In all cases of demotion for cause, the employee shall receive the same step in the lower range as he or she received in the higher range. An employee with permanent status in a class who, with the approval of the appointing authority, voluntarily demotes to a lower class shall receive the step in the lower range which provides an equal salary or, in the absence thereof, the nearest lower salary to that which was received prior to demotion.
Demotion. The change of a permanent employee to another position in a class allocated to a salary range for which the top step is lower than the top step of the class which the employee formerly occupied except as provided for under Transfer or as otherwise provided for in this MOU, in the Personnel Management Regulations, or in specific resolutions governing deep classes.
Demotion. A change between classes where the maximum salary of the class to which the employee is changed is any amount less than the maximum salary of the class from which the employee is changed. The change is between classes in which the employee holds permanent status.
Demotion. Demotion is the movement of an employee to a position in a lower salary grade.
Demotion. No person shall be denied his seniority because of demotion.
Demotion. Your duties and responsibilities are substantially and adversely altered from those in effect immediately before the Change in Control (or, with respect to Section 3(b), the Potential Change in Control), other than merely as a result of the Company ceasing to be a public company, a change in your title, or your transfer to an affiliate.
Demotion. A disciplinary demotion is a temporary or permanent reduction of an employee from a higher position or classification to a lower position or classification below that which was held by the employee on a regular basis.